Scenes from the North of Scotland

Leaving Stornoway on the ferry, the Isle of Lewis

Lews Castle, built around 1850 by Sir James Matheson, who'd bought the island some years before this, is visible at the top left of the photo.

Some photos of the area between Ullapool and Inverness.

The area of Scotland around Inverness is fertile, with farms and fields a-plenty.

This photo was taken at the very beginning of March and so the fields aren't green and lush like they will be in a few months' time. I still love it.

Just a few miles along the road to Ullapool, and the landscape is very different.

(There also seem to be drivers who think they're in America. Or maybe they were simply overtaking.)

There would not have been much opportunity for folks to grow their own food or to feed their livestock in these areas in years gone by. Little wonder that so much of this area is empty.


  1. Thank you for the tour through your camera lens. My husband, Jeff, just looked over my shoulder and said that he was very surprised at the landscape. It is quite different than he thought.

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your views of some of God's lovely creation!

  3. Very nice pictures! You live in a beautiful area. I always imagined it was similar to where I live (south western Washington state). Does it rain all winter? We green up pretty early...since it is ALWAYS raining (well until July anyhow!)But the other side of the state looks like your last two pictures! It is ALL beautiful! I like the differences!

  4. Thanks for sharing. You live in such a beautiful place!

  5. "Overtaking" - does that mean "passing?" ;-)

    These pictures from your little trip remind me of some of the scenery we saw during our own visit to your corner of the world. Of course, we weren't exactly close to you; but we did spend a few days in the lake country of England, back in 2005, on our way from Israel back to the States. I wish we would have had more time then, but even still, it felt a little magical to be in those scenic places.

  6. wow...those mountains look similar to our scenery here ~ beautiful. would love to visit over there one day!

  7. Such a beautiful place, love your pics. I would love to have the chance to visit over there someday, maybe someday...

  8. I enjoy your photographs and learn so much about your area when I visit your blog.

  9. I wish I had taken more photos on our trip to Scotland all those years ago. But of course there were no digital cameras then! Inverness will always be special to me because it was where my husband proposed. I do remember it being greener because it was summertime but it was the vastness and the fact that you could go hiking or stand on the banks of a loch and not see another soul - so no spectators when my husband went down on bended knee!

  10. Love the photo tour. Loved seeing Lewis Castle and the Isle of Lewis... sigh.. one of these days I'm comin for a visit. Also loved adorable feet on previous post... are those the little feet from the newest addition at "No place like home"?
    Much Love,

  11. What a BEAUTIFUL place! I have always had a dream to come over there and visit that amazing land. You are very blessed to live there:)
    Just came through Farmchick's blog....glad I did. (Your home school title caught my eye...I home school my 4 kids as well:))

    Have a wonderful day!


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