Brain Overload and Green Therapy

This is my first blog post on my new laptop. Just thought you ought to know.

The past few weeks have been hectic. Not the normal hectic. I mean totally crazy, hectic. 

Today, when I'd had enough of these...
...I reckoned I needed some of this...

Ahhhh. Therapy for a withered brain.

Coriander that I planted a couple of weeks ago.

A Thyme plant from last year, re-planted

And more seeds to plant

Cauliflower, Brocolli, Calabrese, Leeks.

Let's hope we don't have a disaster with the cauliflower like we had last year.

The question now is, 'Do we stick with being organic, and risk the same thing happening again, or do we spray to make sure these yucky bugs don't spoil our brassicas again?'


  1. Oh no lol I think I just lost my comment I hit the back button on accident...hehehe...so I will repeat myself. The green pictures are wonderful!! and Ugh about the bugs I used diatomaceous earth last year worked wonderful we get really bad earwigs they eat everything. You just have to be careful not to get in on the flowers or it will kill the bees...some bugs we like in the garden :) Good luck with your veggies Love Heather

  2. Good luck with the garden. I hate to spray with anything. So, sometimes I just have bad luck.

  3. I have tried to be totally organic, but not this year. Last year I had the worst infestation of squash beetles. Well that is how it started then it morphed into a nightmare. They destroyed my pumpkins, my pomegranates, they were even going after my cherry trees. So this year, no more organic for me. I feel terrible too. So I hope this helps.

  4. Farm Girl and I have something in common, those blasted squash beetles/bugs. We try so hard not to use any sprays or powder to kill them with, but they are unstoppable, and we end up giving in. Otherwise we'd never have squash or cucumbers, once they finish those off they move to tomato plants and ruin tomatoes. Hope you find an organic remedy w/ your problem, we've not been successful yet against those pests.

  5. How happy newly-sprouted plants are - definitely therapy! :)
    And new laptops are fun - clicky keys and "no-scratches-yet". :D

  6. The thing is - if we lose them, then we buy our veg from the supermarket all year - and that's not going to be organic. So I reckon in the end we're as well having our own - spray or no spray :(

    Oh well, yet another evidence of the ground being cursed after the Fall. But so much evidence of our wonderful Creator too :)

  7. Green therapy IS powerful. Why, I feel better already, just from looking at these pictures!! ;-)

    Hooray for a new laptop! May it have a long and productive life for you. :)


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