My Turn.... No, My Turn

On Saturday, the conversations in our house sounded something like this:

'It's my turn now.'

'No, it's not. Not yet.'

'Come on, you've had him long enough. Pleeeeease.'

The reason?

Gorgeous little J, seen here with Katie, was being passed from pillar to post. 

Delicious. Delectable. Baby-smelling. Broody-making. Perfect. Smooth. Sleeping. Adorable..... Aaahhh.


  1. Oh, so sweet! It IS hard to share a baby. ;-)

    I especially like his little sweater!

  2. oh, i would be wiggling in for a turn too! so very precious. it's amazing how small we all start out!!!

  3. I want one!!! I would have had ten kids if my body had been more agreeable to the idea. I love babies. No- I LOVE babies. I was in my glory when these girls were tiny. I love them now too, but those early days are so miraculous. I can't blame you for passing him around, but I'd have been selfish and kept him to myself;)

    Regarding your comment on my blog this morning. You get those cows and chickens and I'll interview you. I wish it could be in person. How I long to see Scotland! Oh, well- the internet will have to do.

  4. I want a turn too! Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby, with all that delicious baby scent on their little heads. Oh snuggles!

  5. So sweet, I will be getting to do that in about 3 weeks. Nothing better than holding a wonderful smelling baby. Your pictures are precious.

  6. What a precious bundle! He's beautiful!

  7. Oh my, how absolutely precious! And the term "broody-making" made me smile :-).
    Thank you so much for your comment regarding my latest post. It is hard sometimes to be that vulnerable, but your words comforted, thanks.
    God bless, Julie

  8. Hmmm, now where have I heard that conversation before? Ah, yes, we had a similar one going on at our house yesterday morning. A pink little bundle was visiting...
    It's so hard to share when those wee ones come over. :)

  9. What a sweet, sweet face! If only they could bottle up eau de babe.

  10. Blog hopped here from Mountain Mama, and oh my goodness what a doll he is!!! I have a 5 month old and those pics make ME broody. ;)

  11. perfectly scrumptious as all lil boys should be. :)


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