Weightless Wednesday

I'm linking up with Everyday Ruralty today again for the Weightless Wednesday fun post

Here are today's questions.

1. Do you feel better in skirts or pants?
This makes me laugh because here in the UK, 'pants' are your underwear. I assume, though, that this is referring to 'trousers'.
And it's trousers every time. Preferable cut-offs.

2. Do you remember a time when you felt like "a million dollars" or anything over 50 cents?
Yep, that's easy. Think....

Next question please...

3. Walking or running? 
Running?!! I wouldn't know because I've never tried, and I'm certainly not going to start now in my mid-forties and post four children.
4. Have you ever had any "ah-ha" moment about health or eating habits? Now in English- have you ever felt like you made a discovery about health or eating habits.
Er.....No. I don't really think about food issues that much. I think about food a lot, but it's more in terms of:
What's for tonight's dinner?
When am I going shopping?
Where's that bar of chocolate I hid on the kids?
When did I last eat, and would it be okay to eat again?
Where's that bar of chocolate....?

5. If someone could do something really nice for you, that would make you happy, what would it be?
I guess they could tell me to go sit in a sunny spot in the lounge, curled up on the sofa with a book, a drink and a.....yep, you guessed it - a bar of chocolate. Dairy Milk Crunchie maybe, or Galaxy Caramel.... 
Now, where is that bar ....... ?


  1. What's a Galaxy caramel? I've never tried one!

  2. Hehehe, I'm always hiding my chocolate too! I can't stomach a Galaxy caramel though - too sickly! I like my chocolate pure and unadulterated - no cream on a chocolate pud, nothing extra in my chocolate bar.

  3. It's comforting to know, I'm not the only mom who is guilty of hiding her chocolate. Nice to meet you.

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Check out…
    Wacky Wednesday
    Get Your Hand Out of My Wallet

  4. Hiding chocolate is great....well if you can remember where you hid it!

  5. A woman after my own heart, chocolate hiders UNITE!

  6. No......no.....no....NOOOOOOO! Please tell me am seeing things? Please tell me that 'those things' are NOT still in residence but are well and truly dumped! Oh man, I need something to help me get over the shock........chocolate should do!

  7. Thank you all! @Cathy - I was going to visit you soon - that's a very Scottish sounding name. I will visit you soon, but at the moment I'm snowed under with work (as in, paid work - which I should not be skyving from just now to write to you!)

    And to you all: I'd like you to know (in case you're not aware) that Blue72 is my sister. She dresses well. She knows about fashion. She's blonde. She's cute. She lives in a town. All that, but we're still sisters! .... Even though she says less-than-complimentary things about my beloved boots. (I reckon it's a bit of jealousy, cos she doesn't have a pair just like them;)

  8. I hate to agree with Blue72, but.....

    I'm with you on the running though. Seriously. I don't even understand why people do that. I'd love to have an ah-ha moment. Maybe then I could lose this extra 60 pounds! :) Lisa~

  9. I just loved learning more about you!! Hmmmm, we have way too many things in common......walking- yep, sunbeams-oh yeah, and jeans for me!!

    And......love those shoes!!!

    PS We had a terrrrrrrrific 25th Wedding Anniversary! I love him even more than I ever did 25 years ago! Sigh......... :)


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