The Sun Shone

The sun came out yesterday.

I'm sorry, I don't think you understand, so I shall say it very slowly.

The. sun. came. out.

It shone right here. There were shadows and everything!

And here's the proof. 

This was last night while we were having a family Barbeque. 

See.....shadows. Woohoo!
This is the Builder (pleeeeease, don't ask what he's doing wearing that jacket in the sun.) and Baby Brother.

Baby Brother is one of the only people I see who makes the Builder look not-very-tall.

He is soooooo handsome.

Baby Brother aint bad either.
Ha! Gotcha there!

My Baby was supposed to be fielding here, but he thought he'd 'take the sun' whilst it was available.

Now, I don't want any sarcastic comments from you Americans about:

1. the way the bat is being held by the 
Big Brother;
2. my eldest's throwing action;
3. the fact that the dog looks like the only one who knows what he's doing.

Some of the food...
...and more of the food.

Clearly, we have many vegetarians in our extended family. Not.

A table (albeit wood on planks) is a must. 

See the shadows?? Yep, sun is still shining.

A nephew enjoying his kebab well away from the rest of us.
Quite right too. 

I'd have found a lonely spot too if us adults didn't need to be sociable!

Our chef.

This is one of my brothers-in-law.
He's in the RAF.
But, 'I also cook'
Name that movie.

Anyway, he loves food. He studies it.
He tries it out.
And best of all for us: he cooks it.

My baby and a niece playing footie on the trampoline.

Do you know that this trampoline, weighted with metal weights stuck in the ground, was found one morning a few weeks ago - having been lifted by the wind out of the ground, having crossed a road and a field - in another field far far away.
Well, okay - not really far away. But far enough.
The wind had got up that morning (unlike me - I was still lying in my bed), but it wasn't a gale, so it didn't really worry us that some things had been left outside.
It's still a bit of a puzzle to us.


  1. hahaha, I wasn't the only one excited by yesterdays sun then! I too got the camera out for photographic evidence and have a very similar photo to your first one.

    It was actually sunny in this part of the island on Wednesday too so we headed over to the big play-park in your part of the island only to find it raining!!

    I don't mind though. I love the beaches in any weather. In a way the wind makes them even more spectacular.

  2. So loved reading about your Sun!! I feel extremely guilty being in the Sunny Stat of Florida right now. Wishing you and your delightful family were here beaching with us all. Although I know this must sound crazy to you but I so love your weather. It is so beautiful and your scenery combined makes it so gorgeous, even though I have yet to experience your scottish scenery and weather I have been longing to ever since I was a little girl.

    ~ Marie

  3. Don't worry! I would be the last person qualified to instruct someone about baseball! :) They all look rather like me when I play, which is very rarely! :P I stick to volleyball....oh, by the way, do you all have any trees around your house? The sky is always so unobscured in the pictures! :) -Rachel

  4. Ah ha Anne, it sure all looks fun. The sun is so delightfully welcome when we don't see it often enough isn't it? Colorado is know for its varying weather and the saying goes around here:"if you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait ten minutes". We are never sure if we should bring shorts or coats when ever we go on an excursion. I love the view of your ocean. Also, your trampoline is interesting in that it looks just like ours and we have had our wind wrap our last trampoline around the side of the house; it didn't recover so well. Now we hold this one down with huge boulders.LOL. Nice to see all the joyous activities in your part of the world.
    Many blessings,
    Love Pam

  5. Hello Anne,

    The food looks delicious, the day beautiful and all the faces joyous! I just returned from a trip, and I cannot wait to get a cup of coffee and catch up on your blog!

    Ditto what rachel said about baseball! :)


  6. Well, Rachel - as for the trees, or lack of.... It's very difficult to grow them here because of the wind. The main town on the island has a large park of trees, but that's more sheltered than our area. And because our house is *right* on the Atlantic coast, it's gonna be (almost) impossible to grow anything tall. Even bushes and flowers (what are they?!) struggle in our garden, though other more sheltered homes are able to grow certain plants.

    Marie and Elizabeth - I'm so glad you had some time together - what a blessing for you both. My heart goes out to you living so far apart :-(

    Kirsteen - I'm definitely with you in that the wind makes them even more spectacular. When the waves are crashing right over the Butt here, I could look out the window all day. (please no jokes from non-Scots about the Butt! Look it up on Google - you'll see it's at the *top* of the island, not the *bottom*!!)

    Pam: that's funny - that's what they say about this island's weather too!!
    Love to you all
    A x


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