A Trip to Skye

Last Friday, the girls, myself and my friend, Dawn, left early to head for Skye. To do this, we drove through our own island and into Harris. There we took a ferry across to Skye. We went for a service where a new minister was being inducted, but for now, I'll post some of the scenery en route. 

We took loads of photos, and it's not easy to decide what to post. Some of the scenery was stunning. I've tried to choose a selection so as not to bore you.

Red sky in the morning

...remember I said that
This is crossing the moor to the main town, where I was picking up Dawn.

The mist and the red sky together....lovely.

We're now heading south from Stornoway, and the terrain changes almost immediately.
We had flat....now we have rocks, lochs and hills.

Well, I just had to stop to say Hi to this guy.

And yes, even I could tell this was a guy.

And what a guy....
I would *not* like to mess with him.

See the 'feannagan' - lazybeds - the ones who worked this land certainly weren't lazy, but when the soil is shallow and it's difficult to grow crops, they made lazybeds to give the soil some depth.

A monument to the crofters who fought for land when they returned from World War I

We were driving, but couldn't resist taking some photos.

It was flat calm. Remember I said that too...

A Union Flag. This is so noteworthy it was worth a photo.
No kidding. It's rare. This was in Tarbert, Harris.

Approaching Uig, Skye.

And this photo is of the ferry we've just left - taken from the road above Uig.

It rained. Actually, it poured.
What can you say? It's Skye.

And then the sun battled through again

Here's the church we'd return to later that evening for the induction.

Some of the scenery in Skye is simply breathtaking.

Are you seeing the choppy sea? 
This is inland - a sea loch, and it's *this* choppy.
Can you imagine what the open sea is like by now?
Very, very different to the sea we crossed only four hours before this.
Boy, were we glad we crossed in the morning, when all was calm.

The winds at home reached 70 mph on Fri evening. 
And do you remember the calmness when we left? 
No wonder they say about Lewis, ''If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes'!
Although I think they say that about lots of places.
Colorado, for one....isn't that right, Pam?!

Looking across to Raasay

Just outside Portree, the main town in Skye

I hope you enjoyed The Tour, stage 1.

Later I'll post some from the rest of our trip.


  1. Aww wow the photos are so so good!! Looking forward to part 2 now! Maybe all that stopping for photos was worth it after all ;-)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Scotland has some pretty scenery, doesn't it? :)

  3. Oh its sooooo beautiful!!! I could never bore of your pictures! How do you pronounce Skye? I love the white stone or brick church, its just so beautiful. I can't wait to see part 2 of the tour!! I am truly hoping to one day visit you :) I mean it! :D

    Lots of love and safe travels,

    ~ Elizabeth

  4. Well, you can really thank Dawn for most of the photos! I drove and she clicked out of the window for a lot of the journey....

    Skye is pronounced exactly like 'sky'! The Gaelic is 'an t-Eilean Sgitheanach' - which is a lot longer! but actually says 'the Isle of Skye', which kind of explains its length! And as for you visiting, Elizabeth - I sure hope you do. You'd be so welcome
    Love, Anne x

  5. That is so beautiful. I have always told my husband that if we were visit another country I would like it to be Scotland or Ireland.

  6. Yes, I agree. It would be lovely to visit Scotland. Such beautiful pictures. What a fun trip. Love that ocean and Mr. bull was really a cutie. I am just about to scroll back up and read part 2.
    Much love,


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