Hi to New Followers

I just want to say Hi to those who have begun following me recently. If you want to introduce yourselves, and tell a bit about yourselves, that would be really nice. But if not, please don't feel you have to.

Whatever you decide, I'm loving having you on board. I hope you enjoy visiting with me, and please feel free to drop a line anytime.


  1. Does that include me? I'm relatively new :) And you were already reading my blog first, so you probably know a little bit about me :)

    Just for starters:

    I'm a Christian, homeschooled, fifteen year old girl who lives on the East Coast of the United States with my two parents and seven younger siblings, two Great Pyrenees and a crazy black cat. I love playing the piano, blogging, sewing, reading and dancing.

    That's a first....

  2. What a lovely idea!

    Well, you know me, but to introduce myself to anyone who doesn't I'm a Christian, stay-at-home mum of four boys, originally from the same island as Anne (where part of my heart will always be!) but now settled in the Scottish central belt.

    I have similar interests to Jo above - I trained as a music teacher so love playing the piano, crochet, card-making, scrapbooking and most of all baking!

  3. Hiya, I stumbled across your blog from The Pioneer Woman. I am originally from the Outer Hebridies but have lived most of my life on the mainland.

    Love reading about your lives and seeing the pics as it brings back memories of "going home" for the holidays!

    I dont have a blog myself as I spend so much time reading everyone elses I would have no time to write my own! Plus my life is not that interesting haha!



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