Yesterday's Post

For those of my dear readers and *friends* who are not on my Facebook.... I posted the previous post on my FB yesterday, and I have never, ever had more reaction to anything I said or did. Thirty-six comments - yes, THIRTY-SIX! And I have to tell my dear blog-readers, NONE of them were complementary. So, from now on - I know who my friends are - and they are to be found here, not on my FB list.

Thank you Blog friends. I know you love me - even with my boots on.

Oh - one of my 'so-called friends' even set up a Facebook page, called Free to Good Home.

For my boots!!


  1. Ach away - bloggy friends would say the same - only they are more polite.
    Stop kidding yourself :-P
    Love ya really xx

  2. Come on, blogging friends. Is it that you're too polite? Please feel free to 'say it as it is'.
    Go on - I wont mind. I can assure you, you wont say anything that my FB 'friends' (cough, so-called) haven't already said.
    Anyway, my darling husband had assured me that he loved them. So you can all say what you want....!
    Love, Anne x

  3. Anne - you don't need to ask.... NONE of your 'bloggy friends' commented on yesterdays post, now stop trying to scare them into being polite.

  4. I started to panic...and thought, "Oh no!!! I've missed something Terrible!!!"

    And now, I am laughing, because I really did miss something TERRIBLE!!!

    You make me laugh. I needed a good laugh today.


  5. Kathi, I know what you're calling 'terrible' is the way my 'so-called-friends' spoke about my boots.
    That's right, isn't it?
    You wouldn't be describing my....my boots as 'terrible'? Would you??
    No - I thought that. Phew! Got a bit of a fright there!

  6. You crack me up!!


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