A First For Me

Catherine was looking for a new skirt last week.

We searched the extensive selection of shops and malls we have here on the island the one shop in which we may have found something.

She did try a skirt on, and may have bought it, but when she looked at the price tag, it was £26.00. It was a summery skirt. Unlined. Not really worth the price. We now give Catherine her money monthly. She is responsible for what she does with it, and for how much she is able to save each month. If we had been paying for the skirt, she'd probably have desperately wanted it. But, because it was her own money, she thought long and hard about it...... and decided she would leave it.

Well, we drove past a charity shop on our way home, and she saw a gorgeous dress in the window. This was a first for us. I've never bought from a charity shop. More fool me. We went in. The dress was brand new. Not only that, I'd admired the same dress last summer in the shop we'd just left, but couldn't justify buying it. We asked the price.

Three quid.


Three pounds.

Did you get that? 

She bought it. She loves it.

She already had the bolero.

Actually, wait a minute.
I had the bolero.
I have a feeling I wont see much more of it.

I reckon it might not be our last visit to a charity shop.


  1. I complimented her dress the other day....but I shall do so again, it is lovely and suits her very much!

  2. Wow, bargain. I love bargains!

  3. Gorgeous dress. Even more gorgeous with the price tag!

  4. I just love finds like these!! She looks so adorable by the way P)

  5. oh it is lovely. I shop at them all the time. We call them Second Hand stores. Goodwill and St Vincent De Pauls being the most popular. I get a lot of jeans for my girls in really good condition.

  6. Thanks all for your comments.
    Susan - I love the names of these second hand shops: St Vincent de Pauls......sound sooooo upmarket!
    Love, Anne x

  7. My daughter and her friends go charity shop shopping in the Morningside shops. Some great, even designer find cast aside by Morningside Ladies. My favourite summer shirt is a charity shop find - I think I love it all the more because it is reused.


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