Change of Plan

Just after I posted last night's dinner photos....

...this happened

Well, when it happened, it didn't actually have the stitches in it.

The Builder and I ended up at A & E, where he got five stitches in the wound

We are so thankful for modern medicine.

We are so thankful that there is no permanent damage.

And we are so thankful that, despite the cut, he is still able to work.

But it shows us how quickly a thing can happen and change our plans completely. Our plans last night didn't matter at all, but how many people, even over the past few days, have had devastating news that may have changed their plans in a life-changing way.


  1. OUCH! I think I would cry (yes men do that too)

  2. I *knew* you would post a gory picture on here.

    *Faint* I really feel wobbly looking, in fact I feel the pain so had to look away quick.

    I hope it is healing well!!

  3. I think there must be something wrong with me. I was *dying* to see it. I wanted to be in with him while he was getting the stitches done, but I didn't get invited :(
    But I couldn't wait for him to take the plaster off to change it so I could see it. I looked, I examined, I felt it..... ooooh, I love it!

    As for it being painful when it happened, Tony, ... you know - I don't really know if it was. Oh my, does that mean I didn't even ask. Eek! I was so fascinated.
    He had the cut covered all the time to stop the blood, but I *had* to have a peek. It was a really clean cut - like one a surgeon would have made deliberately. I wanted to see it again and again (I really am beginning to thing I'm weird), but he insisted on keeping it covered. I suppose it was for the best. If he fainted with blood loss, I certainly couldn't have carried him into A&E!
    Thanks for visiting
    A x

  4. You're too strange!! But then I must be too - I have seen *mega* gory things in my life...if I was to describe most of your readers would probably faint... so that really shouldn't bother me to look at - but it does!!!

  5. Gosh, that is a really bad looking gash. How did it happen? You two gals must be cut out to be nurses or docs or something. You know there is always the need for people who are not squeemish who can pull people out of rubbles and wrecks; maybe that is your later calling. Ha...You never know. Many Blessings, and much sympathy to hubby.
    Love Pam

  6. It was as a nurse I saw gory things - I used to work in the OR. Which is why I can't figure why that picture makes me squirm. I'll leave the pulling out of rubbles to Anne, she sounds cut out for that!!


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