Our Anniversary

Okay. This may horrify some of you.

Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary. Now, I'm guessing that part will not horrify you, but on our Anniversary, we did nothing unusual. Nothing. We got nothing. We gave nothing.

It gets worse!

This is the norm.

Most of our anniversaries since we married have gone by. Forgotten. I'm not kidding. For some reason, we tend to remember birthdays, but we hardly ever remember the date of our Anniversary. Now, this year was a bit of an improvement. The Builder actually said to me over a week ago, 'Oh - it'll be our Anniversary soon.'. I replied with, 'Oh - when is it again? Oh yeah - the 8th. Is that soon?' (When you're a stay-at-home-mum, with housework and 'paid' work piling high, dates tend to come and go....)

So yesterday morning, when I woke, I actually remembered it was our Anniversary. And I said, 'Happy Anniversary!'. 

That was fine by him. He smiled and hugged me. And that was fine by me.

So for any of you who cannot afford to buy each other anything; and for those of who have done, or who do habitually, forget someone's special day; and for those of you who get no special treatment on your special day, please remember that this is not necessarily a sign of lack of love or lack of appreciation.

What do y'all reckon? Would you be angry/disappointed/hurt if you got no special treatment on your birthday, or on some other special day? 

And, by the way, I don't want any of you thinking this is evidence of saintly behaviour on my part! Oh, no! It most certainly isn't that. But it's the way things have panned out for us over the years. And things are beginning to change because now that our girls are older and more aware of birthdays etc, they tend to try and do something special for me on my birthday - maybe, cook dinner for us all. 

And that IS appreciated. Definitely appreciated.


  1. Happy belated anniversary! :) That's the same day as my uncle and aunt's anniversary!:)

  2. We have never done anything/bought anything for anniversaries either (wedding that is). I think it started on a downward spiral, being in hospital on our 1st anniversary on drips, waiting for a D&C and feeling half dead is not the best way to start off...so starting off like that really didn't open a path for trips away or anything. But we have always remembered the date - so far!!!

    I do like to remember birthday's, and I was cooked for on my birthday as well. It's nice to feel special on a birthday :)

  3. Well, Sarah - seeing as it's your uncle's and auntie's anniversary, maybe I'll give you the task of reminding us next year.....maybe a week or so before the day - then I'll have time to think of something special for him!

    NPLH: mmmm - not the nicest way to spend your 1st anniversary. Certainly a way to *remember* it, but not sure about *celebrating* it!
    Anne x

  4. Hi Anne - I'm still laughing about you snoring on my post. :)

    We make a big deal on birthdays and on anniversaries. We just need any reason to celebrate with chocolate. We have "birthday week" and an "anniversary" week. We try to think of doing something nice for the other person for the entire week.

    We like any good reason to have a party! :)

  5. My dreams of a stay at a 5* hotel were very quickly dashed LOL!!

  6. Now .... ANY reason is good enough reason to celebrate with chocolate.
    Maybe this is what we're doing wrong.
    'It's Saturday' - good enough reason
    'You're home from work early, honey' - good enough reason
    'I had a tough day' - good enough reason
    'It's Saturday tomorrow' - yep - good enough reason....
    So, maybe if I stop all that.....THEN I'll get chocolate on my birthday/anniversary and it'll feel really special.
    Love, A x

  7. Hee Hee, as usual, you make me laugh Anne. Happy Anniversary to you both. I say if everyone is happy with the setup that's all that matters. Although, I like what "I love my 5 kid" said. Any reason to celebrate... any reason to have chocolate... works for me. Of late all of our celebration plans have not panned out like we would have hoped, so it is best to take your advice, and remember that love is still predominant amongst us. Still hoping for that trip to Hawaii though. Didn't make it on our 20th, 25th, or 30th, but we still keep dreaming about it.LOL
    Much Love,

  8. We don't do a lot of gifts here, either. Though we do remember our anniversary. :-) My husband will get me something specific if I ask for it, but we usually just give cards.

  9. Funnily enough, I was trying to remember our other anniversaries, but our first is the *only* one I remember, might just have to sort that for next year DV!!


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