The Brothers on the Moor

This morning, the Builder, Big Brother, Baby Brother and DR had to go out to moor for a neighbour's sheep

Here are some of the photos DR took on their trek.
Heading for Filiscleitir

Taigh 'an Fiosaich**

The Three Brothers 


Big Brother enjoying the moor

The Builder looking for sheep, with Eaglais an Fiosaich in the background

Found them!

BB going in for rock diving

Taigh an Fiosaich **

A car carrier passing us. It looks really far away here, but it was close enough for us to read the company's name along the side of it.
The ship's name is the Fedora, and it's heading to Bremerhaven, Germany.
It came from the East Coast of the USA - possibly from Baltimore 

**I'm too tired to write any more tonight, but I'll explain once I get a minute what Taigh 'an Fiosaich and Eaglais 'an Fiosaich are.


  1. That is really cool! I LOVE the scenery! I have had experience wrangling goats. So is that hard to catch multiple sheep? :) -Rachel

  2. Oh my goodness, the pictures and reading all about the brothers hike for sheep is my dream come true. I just LOVE the scenery and seeing these pictures makes me realize that Scotland is really real and you are living there. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to find out what Taigh 'an Fiosaich and Eaglais 'an fiosaich are :)

    ~ Marie

  3. morrisons brothers you couldnt meet nicer people on the west coast of lewis from a borve exile in NY


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