A Poem

This was sent to me by e-mail recently. A friend thought of me when she read the poem, and I was glad she did. I love it! 

Dear Anne, I've been reading through a book of poetry lately. I'm really not much of a poetry lover, but I had to tackle this book. It has been lingering on my bookshelves for a decade since my grandmother passed it to me. Just noticed on the flyleaf is pasted a card...the book is from my great-grandparents to my grandparents for their second anniversary. No idea my great-grands were so interested in poetry.

I thought of a few of my friends when I read "Song of a Quiet Life" - one being you! This poem is "me," how about you.....

Song of a Quiet Life
If I can find a loveliness
   In diamonds in the snow,
If I can hear a symphony
   Wherever tree-tops blow,
And if I'm dressed in cloth of gold
   While standing in the sun,
Should that not be quite wealth enough
   For me, or anyone?
If I can find a palace here
   Within four little rooms,
If warm spice cake and apple pie
   Are rarest of perfumes,
And best of all my husband is
   A prince in dungarees,
Am I a fool to be content
   With simple things like these?
                                  Marion Kilroy

My friend said that when she read it, she thought, "that's me". She then asked me, "How about you?". I can definitely say, "It's me too"!

So what d' ya reckon? Is it 'you'?


  1. I reckon it's me too! Thanks for sharing~ I really love that poem. We need to keep our focus on what is truly important.

  2. Thanks, Denise. I reckon lots of us will find ourselves in this poem. And if we don't find ourselves in parts of it, we may even realise that we *ought* to. And that might be worthwhile too.
    It is lovely, though, isn't it?
    Love, Anne x

  3. I reckon that is me too! As I am so captivated by the lingering aroma of freshly baked banana nut bread this morning. Such sweet simple things, as mentioned in the poem, make me the happiest!

  4. Me three! I love this poem, I may have to steal it ;)

  5. That's lovely, how nice to have friends like that!


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