My Baby Boy.

Sitting on the sofa. My baby is on my lap. (Okay, so he's 7, but he's still my baby!) 
His gorgeous neck is right in front of my mouth, allowing for plentiful kisses. 
He turns to me, beautiful blue eyes looking right into my face. 

CS: You remind me of someone, Mum.

Mum: Uhh...your Mum?

CS: No. Someone......famous

Mum: Really?

CS: Someone in a film. I think....

Mum (images of some beautiful actresses flashing through her mind): Who, my darling?

CS: Someone in Mr Bean's movie........ 

Mum: silence

CS: Oh, I know, it's Mr Bean himself.

End of idyllic scene.


  1. *sides are splitting!!!!!*
    That is waaaaaaay too funny!!!

  2. lol Anne!!! So cute!!! I always get a great chuckle when I pop over here :)

  3. haha haha haha!!! that's no chuckle...loud coughing laughter. what at thing to say - miss him!!!!

  4. I always kiss the back of my blue-eyed six year old's neck. And now I'm glad I've never let him see Mr. Bean.
    (I've only seen one episode myself , years ago)

  5. Well, I'm glad you all found it funny...

    Huh! Imagine! MR BEAN!!
    I need to have a good look in the mirror..... either that, or I need to *never* look in the mirror again!

    Leah - isn't that back-of-the-neck just adorable?!

    Thanks you all for stopping by
    Love, Anne x

  6. Yes. And I love the loud catching giggle he let's out when I do.


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