Of Medals and Boots and Running...or Walking

Y'all ready for this?

Y'all sitting down?

Right, there's to be no laughing. Today, this...

and me...

(no photo. There are limits.)

....and these
...were joined in holy matrimony.

Well, not exactly, but we were connected.

Yep. Me. A medal. My boots.

I went on a one-mile fun run, er...run / walk. I did the latter in case any of you were wondering. 

And I got one of these.
Isn't it exciting!

It wasn't the mildest of days, hence the sign! We had a windchill of -10C, so those who ran were brave as well as fit. 

DR and the Builder's Baby Brother did the 10k run.
And they're off!

Here's Baby Brother with only 3km to go

118 - 188 !!

Baby Brother and DR having finished the run.
The Wee Guy proudly wearing his medal! 
He did the 1-mile Fun Run too. He ran. I didn't see him for dust!

Two proud nieces with Baby Brother after the race.

You never know - next year, I may go a step further. 

The 5km race?


Uhhh, no. The 1-mile, but I may run part of the way.


  1. Congratulations, Anne!
    That looks like fun ~ and the whole family joined in! Congrats to all ~ The Wee Guy sure is cute :-)

  2. I love to see that your family does things like this together. It's great to see your children with their uncle too (funny to see him referred to as "baby brother" ; )

  3. Good for you! I'd be right there with you, trudging along. One of these years, maybe I'll try to run again...but don't hold your breath. :)

    But here's my question: WHY in the world were those crazy people wearing shorts?? ;-)

  4. Phhhheeeeeeeeeeewwww, I got such a fright, I thought you'd actually done the *10k* for at least 10 seconds.......

    ......now that my heart rate has calmed down. Yay, well done!! Seriously, I am impressed!

  5. Applause, applause!!!! Go, Anne, go! Yeah!!!!

    I still think a picture of you would have added a nice "athletic touch" to the post! ;-)

    I think it is terrific you did it as a family!


  6. yay, well done! Exactly how old is baby brother?!

  7. Thanks guys!
    Kirsteen, Baby Bro is 41 or there abouts. And he's single....if you know of anyone! He's tall, dark, handsome, ex-marine, kind.... and he can build a house. WHAT more does any woman want?? I don't know why all the single girls aren't beating a path to his door!!
    Oh, Big Bro is single too... and (some) of above apply!

    We really did have fun there today. DR did especially well, considering he's not been training at all. He was chuffed at his time, and at how well he felt at the end of the race. It certainly was invigorating... x

  8. Hmmm, now you've got me thinking - my hubby's sister is early 40s, single, very outdoorsy (she's a Munroe bagger) and an expert on sheep (that's her day job, she used to work on the National Scrapie Plan, now more rural policy stuff). We could start a spot of blog match-making!

  9. Oh my, that is awesome! I plan to run in something some day.... : )

  10. What fun! I loved the pictures! It sure looked cold!! You and Kirsteen make me laugh matchmaking through your blogs he he! :D

  11. Well done! What fun it looks (although I don't think I could handle the freezing temperatures)! You definitely deserved a good rest after that!


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