Advice from Me. To Me.

I have just been going through some 'Christmas dinner' stuff that I have written in a notebook. I had jotted down various pieces of advice from the previous few years. 

In the notebook I've also taken note of the addresses of some of the people who may, or may not, receive cards from me. Even if they do receive a card, it may not be in December. 

I always comfort myself with the thought that January is a gloomy month for some people, and so receiving my card will be a nice pick-me-up for them. That's my theory.

Anyway, we're Scottish - Highlanders - and New Year is much more meaningful than in other parts of the country. And seeing as the New Year lasts for... well, a whole year, really it wont matter when my card arrives, will it? 


Anyway, to my advice. The advice is from me. To me. There are no niceties as a result.

1. Marks and Spencer salmon mousse was not nice. Make the one you made last year yourself.

2. Remember crusty bread with the starters.
(Clearly, I forgot.)

3. Turkey Crown - definitely the way to go. 10lb. Cover with bacon rashers - 220C - 30 mins; remove bacon (I left rashers on parts with no skin); lower over to 150 - 160C. Turkey in Nigella's Brine for 24 hrs. Rub with butter and salt.
(I think the order is somewhat skewed. I am assuming that the rubbing with butter and salt comes earlier in the process than the 220C for 30 minutes.)

4. Day before: sprouts - boil salted water. Give them 5 mins. Drain - place in COLD water immediately. Before eating, stir-fry with chopped bacon in butter.

5. Red cabbage - use Mum's recipe - definitely not that horrible clove one.
(It was horrible. I remember that!)

6. M&S's stuffing - apricot and raisin one - was REALLY nice. Better than homemade stuffing.
(Soooo glad we liked it....nice to have something made easy.)

7. Individual pavlovas - filled with strawberry yoghurt and cream whipped. Could have done with raspberry coulis.

8. Sticky toffee puddings. Individuals. Use Ishbel's recipe for the sauce.

.....And so it goes on.

I'm glad I wrote some of this stuff down. It's definitely useful reminders. 

Not that I have a problem with memory issues.


  1. Memory Issues?!?!? Surely no one has those, do they? It has, after all, only been a year since last Christmas/New Years. I love the idea of sitting down after the dishes are done (maybe even not by me/you) and making a few notes. EVERY time I have done that it has made the next event so much easier. And if the family loves the pre-made whatever from whomever's shop, what else really matters, anyway? If I make it from scratch but it bombs on my husbands "love it/leave it" scale, it's still bombed so GET OVER IT!!

    And thank you for my newest favorite potato recipe - my hubby is going to LOVE those done with the bacon & butter the 2nd day!

    Hope you are enjoying many small and large blessings during this holiday month!

  2. Ha thats is really cute I liked reading your notes I giggled a little at the not nice mousse. I may not get my cards out in time either I found it encouraging to read you may be sending yours out in January as well :) ~Wishing you a wonderfuly successful and delicious Christmas dinner ~Love Heather

  3. Your attitude about the cards is excellent! I worry so about getting them out but I think I'm going to try and adopt your view on it for now on :-)!
    Just gotta mention that your "notes" are so cute.
    Also, I was checking out your Mr. Wayne in the previous posts, he's beautiful. What breed is he?
    I hope your Christmas is going beautifully and thanks for visiting at my place!

  4. Loving it--everybody oughta make a habit of writing such notes to themselves. I know I do often--and they come in great handy (so long as I can find them when the time comes!)


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