My Trip to Inverness

I was in Inverness for a couple of days. I only had my mobile with me, but here are the photos I took.

I'm near the back of the plane here, so you get the idea....it aint big!

 Leaving Stornoway

The lounge in the B&B I stayed in for the first night was decorated like this. It looked really cozy.

My sister in law works in a lovely Farm Shop and Cafeteria.
As you go in this door, there's an area selling produce from the farm.

Fresh produce. How fantastic would it be to be able to buy all our veg from a place like this.
Unless of course, you have a plot.
'Yes, thank you for asking....we have a plot'
But I still need to buy a lot, a lot, a lot of vegetables from the supermarket.

It has a wonderfully large play area within the barn...

...separated from the eating are by large windows. So mums can see the kids, but the diners eat in peace.

The Farm and Farm Shop is a family affair, and the atmosphere in the whole place reflects this.

I loved it.

A Latte and Carrot Cake. Home-made carrot cake. Scrumptious.

I came home last night. The conditions weren't nice.

We had blizzard conditions on the runway. Eeek!

Stornoway Airport had been closed most of the day, but they were able to clear the runway for a couple of planes to land. 


Throughout the flight, we kept hearing loud bangs on the outside of the plane.
Our Captain told us on the intercom that the propellers were throwing icicles that had formed, and the bangs were the icicles hitting the fuselage. 'But,' he added, 'the fuselage is reinforced for this very reason.' 

Very comforting. 

'And,' he went on, 'it shows that our de-icing system is working'. 

Yep, reassured.

Just before take-off, a man in a cherry picker-type hoist came to de-ice the propellers. Our mobile phones were all switched off, but I thought I'd sneak it back on just to get a couple of photos out the window. As it came on, it immediately gave two loud rings.... telling me I had two texts, and ... telling the cabin crew that someone had their mobile still on. The stewardess immediately asked, 'Who has their phone still on?'. Naughty school girl caught again. I had to own up, smile apologetically and show that I was just in the process of switching it off again. Cringe. 

Whilst in Inverness, I took a wander through a shop called Past Times. I saw a cushion with A Mother's Heart is Always With Her Children embroidered on it. It said what I was feeling. I was only away two days, and I can't tell you how much I missed them.... or how glad I was to get home last night.

Home. There really is no place like it.


  1. Looks like a lovely trip - it's always nice to get away, but it's always nicer to get back home. :)

  2. Nice pics! What a lovely looking farm, really must visit that some day, especially if we go back to that area, looks fab.

    Were you away 2 nights? Looks rough coming home, glad you reached safe!

  3. I had to laugh about the phone incident. :)

    I'm so glad you had some time away; the setting looks lovely! But yes, I agree fully that there's just no place like home. And that saying about a mother's heart being with her children? So completely true!

  4. I loved Inverness; it's a beautiful area.
    I think I would have been a litle nervous on the flight! Good you are home safe and sound.
    Anne x :-)

  5. what is the farm shop called, and where is it? Looks lovely! :)

  6. Rachel, you know that I don't even know the name of it! But I'll find out. It's beside Kinloss.
    Anne, Inverness and the surrounding area is lovely. If I had to live anywhere else in the UK, that would be the place.... though I'd still need a good shove to get me off this island!


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