A Walk to Muirneag

The Boys walked to Muirneag today.

Muirneag is the highest point on the Isle of Lewis. At just over 800ft, it's not very high, and so that gives you some idea of just how flat Lewis is.

Walking towards Muirneag, looking south with the Harris hills in the background.

Lewis is flat. Very, very flat.

Big Brother, Baby Brother and the Builder.
DR is taking the photos.

Looking across Broadbay to Point, with the snow-covered mainland hills in the background.

The cairn on the top of Muirneag. 
Some others had come on their quads from the east side of the island.

Snowy mainland hills beyond the Minch

The Builder is not wearing sunglasses!
For the Baby Brother, it's but a stroll in the park.
As for the other two....well, let's just say that the Builder is glad he has someone to massage his aching legs tonight.

Anyone offering to take on the other two?

DR with his two uncles

And so to sunset.
At shortly after three o'clock in the afternoon!


  1. You have such wonderful photos! I really enjoy visiting your blog.

  2. It's wonderful to see brothers doing things together like this. And what a great wife you are. My husband always appreciates a good massage after a long day's work too.

  3. Beautiful pictures WOW and that is so flat and you can see so far. Our house sits at about 3000ft elevation. The snowy hills in the background and the Sunset was lovely also what a great stroll ~Thanks for sharing loved the pics ~Love Heather

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog (from Pioneer Woman comments). I grew up on an island too, a Hawaiian island. I think I will always be an island girl.

    I will be back!

  5. What a lovely pic - the one with the snowy mainland hills, pretty pic!

  6. The guys really enjoyed their walk. Hubby was saying that when they came down from Muirneag, they stood in silence for a minute, and listened.... there was not a sound. No wind, no people, absolutely nothing. Although the views aren't great in the photos, he said the actual views were so lovely. It was certainly worth their while going.
    Thank you all for commenting, and welcome, Mokihana....what a beautiful name. What does it mean? x


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