Weren't you Wondering...?

I'd like you all to know that...

1. Mr Wayne is now back with his male companions. I was looking at him today and couldn't quite figure out whether he looks: 
a) totally content, 

b) totally satisfied or 

c) totally miserable.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos taken today to post. It was too cold for me to go out, and my dear daughters wouldn't oblige, so here's one taken a couple of months ago.

2. My dishwasher is up and running. It has forgiven me for listening to my untrustworthy good friend, and is washing dishes as it used to. 
No more bubbles; only sparkling dishes.

I love you, and I'm sorry if I made out I loved my Tumble Drier more. You know I'd choose you first any day. 


  1. Hi Anne,
    Did you by chance put the washing up liquid in the dishwasher?!?!? Looks familiar :-)

    As for Mr. Wayne, I give him an "A"

    Anne :-)

  2. P.S. Oh No! I just scrolled down and saw your previous post. Been there, done that! Love that Fairy! :-)

  3. Question 1 - blugh.

    2 - PHEW!!


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