Sermon Recommendation and Some Memories

This morning, at worship, we read Genesis 25. The chapter ends with the account of Esau coming in from the fields and give to his brother, Jacob - in exchange for a plate of stew - his birthright. In giving this birthright, we are told that "thus Esau despised his birthright". (Gen 25:34)

We began talking of a sermon we heard two years ago in Grand Rapids, on this text. We were coming to the end of our amazing 4-week holiday in the US, and were blessed (I don't use that term lightly here) with hearing this sermon on the Sunday evening. Only eternity may reveal the true and lasting effects this sermon had on our children.

The sermon was preached by Dr Joel Beeke and can be found on Sermon Audio's site. Have a listen.


  1. I love how the LORD knits things together in lives, Anne! We are all home sick today with a nasty cold and guess who we listened to for our homebound service.....Dr. Joel Beeke! Isn't that wild? It wasn't the one you mentioned here, but according to my husband Jeff, all of his sermons seem great! BTW, next year our church is hosting the Keach Conference again and Dr. Beeke is speaking. Now, how do I get you to the USA and VA? ;-)


  2. I took the time yesterday afternoon to listen to this sermon, and my heart was exceedingly blessed with the words shared by this blessed man of God.

    I am always to extremely thankful for faithful ministers who teach the "sheep" what we need most.

    Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to listening to more of his sermons!

    God Bless you dear Anne!

  3. Now, Leslie, that DOES sound tempting!

    Mrs C, I'm glad you enjoyed it and were blessed by it. We certainly were! The Sermon Audio site has been such a blessing to me over the years. I can't imagine life before Broadband and Sermon Audio. Technology is wonderful when it's used to God's glory...


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