My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend is not really new. But he has become my bestest friend only recently.

Before I reveal my NBF to you, I want you to know that I used to have a problem. You'll notice I said, 'used to' because I have none now. I am now problem-free. Isn't the Builder the luckiest guy alive. 

Uuuhhh....moving on... My old problem stemmed from my love of ironing, and my love of seeing newly ironed clothes hanging on an airer, and then folded in a pile, all ready to get placed back in drawers. (Note to family here: clothes that have been washed, dried, ironed and then placed in your bedrooms are supposed to find their way into wardrobes or drawers. Yes, I know that's a novel idea to you guys, but it is the way of the world.)

Anyway, back to NBF. Normally, because we tend to have a gently breeze blowing most days of the year - oh well, okay, so we have anything from a gentle breeze to a hurricane on any one day ... well, the long and the short of it is that we can normally manage to get our clothes dry outside. In fact, we had a friend in Glasgow who realised that, despite our seemingly constant supply of rain, we were able to dry our clothes outside because if we got a 5 minute spell with no rain, the wind was so strong it dried the clothes in that time! 

It's all untrue of course. Our weather is not that bad. 

But, for some reason, recently there are simply not enough minutes in the day. And now, when I dry my clothes in ...

(yep - my NBF is my tumble drier)

I now don't iron them. Well, unless it's shirts or other clothes that really need ironing.

all this
came from NBF and were NOT ironed.

Phew! I feel like I've confessed something. b-r-e-a-t-h-e, Anne, b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Say it again. All these clothes went straight from NBF, either to the airer or to the bedrooms.

And now, instead of ironing for hours on end, I have all this extra time to do other highly useful things.

Like blogging.

What are you all thinking? Is it:

a) What a nutcase ....what was she ironing all that stuff for in the first place?

b) Oh, what an awful housewife. I'd never wear non-ironed clothes.
c) Iron? What's an iron?? Gonna move on, cos I've no idea what this post was all about.

If you were thinking:

a) - I understand.

b) - Mum...what are you doing reading my blog?

c) - I love you. Really, really love you.


  1. "(Note to family here: clothes that have been washed, dried, ironed and then placed in your bedrooms are supposed to find their way into wardrobes or drawers. Yes, I know that's a novel idea to you guys, but it is the way of the world.)"

    Do I ever relate to the above statement. Except for one small part, my gals have to iron their own things, I do not iron their clothes. And I iron on a "need to iron" basis for myself, that is iron right before wearing if it needs it. I only iron things for Mr. C ahead of time. Does that make me bad? :o(

    I have to ask, did you iron your towels before the tumble drier? If you did, you are truly amazing and I am very bad.

  2. lol, I'm afraid I'd be in the (c) category, I'm pretty sure my younger dc don't know what an iron looks like . . .!

    Since we discovered (American, naturally) "no-need-to-iron" men's work shirts, we don't iron. Anything. Ever. (Well, almost, I think Const did iron something once this year, or no, wait, maybe she was straightening her hair . . .)


  3. I iron!! And yes, I can relate to that statement about the clothes are supposed to make their way into the wardrobes! It's terrible to find some newly ironed clothes lying on someone's bedroom floor!!! A guy thing.

    Congratulations on your NBF! They are handy to have.


  4. I always have a huge basket of ironing. Even though I have a "wrinkle free tumble" setting on my washer, I never use it because the times I have it's been going for hours and hours before I make it back to the laundry room and then I feel bad for wasting electricity. Plus, I HAVE to iron my husband's work clothes every day. And somehow I always end up buying these adorable little embellished cotton dresses for my daughter without thinking,"Wait, you know you will have to iron this every time... for a two year old right???" No the thought never enters my mind. Oh well, I'm used to just turning on some good music or a Bible CD or something and standing at the ironing board for a few hours. It's just one of my lots in life. I really don't mind it that much, except when my husband says, "I know I have seven pair of work pants. Where are they all?"
    Oops. Time to iron ;)

  5. *Dryer*, I meant, not *washer*. My brain is wrinkly... needs ironed.

  6. I'm so glad that it's not just in our house those piles of freshly ironed clothes sit there waiting for the magic fairy, or whoever else they think it might be who puts them away does it!

    I'm kind of (a) and a little bit of (b), I'm afraid! I don't particularly like ironing but I love seeing the piles of it stack up neatly. Very satisfying!

  7. Congrats on the new dryer. I love it. Category C for me... at least most of the time. I usually have a "hopeful pile" that I iron when I am caught up on other things... does that ever happen?

    So now you have time to blog Huh? I don't know what it is about time saving devices, but as soon as you get one, that free time gets sucked up somewhere else, and you wonder how you did it before you had the time saving device.... still, I wouldn't trade em off... so glad to have em. If I could just get a Merry Maid in this house to help with the rest of the cleaning. :0)

    I will be thinking of you this week as I do my laundry.
    Much Love,

  8. I rarely ever iron, just take it directly from dryer and put it on hangers. It is so rare that when my daughter was about 3 years old she was playing like she was ironing. (we were in an antique shop and she was playing with a vintage child's iron and ironing board) She said "look nana, I'm sewing!" She only equated an iron and ironing board with mama sewing! My mother about died laughing.

  9. Well, I feel a whole lot better now about my NBF. He's not actually *new* - I've had him for years, but although I used him at times (when the weather was wet etc), he only became my BF recently.... since I began using him almost *all* the time.

    It's time contraints that really made me do it, because I love ironing, and it was one of these 'chores' where I'd put on a CD or a sermon from Sermon Audio, and the time would fly by.... But needs-must.

    I love the 'Look mama I'm sewing!'. Priceless!

    And, H, that's hilarious!

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  11. Hmmmm looking at this, I do fear it was the dishwasher taking the huff the other day. He told me you take him for granted, and so we must act upon it. He does not like to be undermined by a meer drier who does not have a duel purpose of washing. Once he was satisfied he was valued, he said he would start running properly againl


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