Sunshine on a Gloomy Ram

Government health warning: the following post contains information on Mr Wayne. For those of you (you know who you are!) who would rather not...please look away now!)

What a beautiful  morning!

See! We have green stuff here too!

But, I have to tell you about poor Mr Wayne.
I say 'poor' because he seems so forlorn this morning.

Even my going out to visit him didn't seem to perk him up. I just don't understand it.

"Just a few days ago, you only had eyes for me. Now all you can do is eat."

"You even turn your back on me"

"Anyone? Anyone at all??"

"Don't you even CARE?"

"Oh, Hi. You coming to say Hi?"

"....or just to eat?"

"I guess it was to eat."

"How can that other ram munch his morning away? Does he have no feelings? No heart? No, no....well, you know what"

"Poor, poor me. How fickle love is. Last week, they couldn't leave me alone. This week, they act as though they've never even known me."

"I blame the morals of today. 
It's what they've been taught.
Use. Then refuse."

"I blame Blair. I blame Obama. I blame Europe.

It's gotta be one of them. It's ALWAYS one of them."

"I've heard rumours too. Something about another 11 months."

Poor, poor Mr Wayne.


  1. HA :-) Poor Mr. Wayne ~ cute

  2. Ah, Mr. Wayne - we all eventually fall victim to the vacillating nature of infatuation. But never fear, there will come a day when they all love you again, however temporarily!

  3. ...what is this world coming to....?!

    (should have listened to the health warning, leaves room to spew somewhere...)

  4. Love posts about John Wayne. What is happening in 11 months? I don't think I want to know.


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