Twenty Years...

Twenty years ago today, I said

"I do"

to this guy...

Because this is the man God had for me....

... I am Mum to these four blessings,

 ... I get to walk on the machair with this mutt and his master,

... I get to have my kitchen utensils fixed. Builder style.

 ... I get to work in the plot, and look up to this,

 I hadn't known that if I 'buy-one-I-get-two-free'...

 ...I get to look out of my kitchen window at this.

 ...I get to wear these and get told I'm lovely,

 ...my kids get to work in the fresh air. 

Yes, often they'd choose to work in air that was less, er, fresh. 

And often they'd choose not to work at all! 

 ...I get to admire the Butt from my kitchen window too. 

Girls, girls.... you know I mean the Butt of Lewis.

... I get to admire this sky in mid-winter mornings,


 ... What was that about 'buy one get two free'??

...I get to have these arms ALL to myself

 And I get this. 

Twenty years of giving it. And twenty years of receiving it...

From this guy.


  1. Oh, Anne! CONGRATULATIONS! What a lovely post! with your added wit, of course! ;-) I pray that you will continue to be abundantly blessed in the next 20 years! :-) hugs from the land of the Sassenachs! x

  2. lol, that really made me smile!

  3. That was beautiful Anne. Congratulations to you both on celebrating 20 years. I enjoyed the Butt of Lewis joke. Funny!

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  5. Congratulations!! Boy, you really are a romantic, even if you kid on not to be - who needs notes round the house when you're so sweet on the web ;o)

  6. AWWWWWW Happy Anniversary Twenty Years whooo weee what a blessing!! Great pictures may you both be blessed to celebrate many more anniversaries in Love and Good Health with family all around!! ~Love Heather

  7. This is awesome. :-)
    I love this post.
    Congrats on 20 years!!!!

  8. How sweet! Congratulations, Anne, on celebrating your anniversary! :) I'm so blessed that *you've* been blessed with 20 years of marriage to your dear Builder. :) ~Rachel
    P.S. I wish you were here to speak some Gaelic to our newest baby brother...I'd love to hear it and learn some. :)

  9. Thank you all :)

    Rachel.... your brother has arrived!! Wonderful. Gun tèid a bheannachadh gu mòr, 's gum biodh e na bheannachd dhiubh uile.
    I'll head over to your blog for your news...

  10. Happy, happy, happy anniversary, dear friend!

    May the LORD continue to be glorified in your marriage and family!

  11. Such a lovely post, Anne! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! and even more thanks for the encouragement that your Godly marriage and family is. It is revealed so beautifully in your posts! Our family LOVES to read your blog and is blessed by what you write!
    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Very nice post and beautiful pictures. Happy Anniversary, and lots and lots more happy years.

  13. Oh Anne, Happy Anniversary!
    What a lovely post, such a beautiful tribute to your husband, your famly, and to God. Well said, and well put together with the pictures.

    (I love looking at the Gaelic words above. Looks like elvish or something. I wish I could hear you speak it too. :)

  14. Congratulations to you both!! May God give you MANY MANY MORE YEARS TOGETHER :)!

  15. Congratulations!! What a testimony of the blessings that come from a godly marriage. Since we've been married 45 years I know that there can be troubles, and disagreements, and losses, and irritations but because of your first "marriage" to Jesus, you overcome all of that. You've got a beautiful family, a beautiful farm, a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing it all with us!!

  16. love it! happy, happy anniversary! what a life you all have together!!!!! God is awesome!

  17. Oh Happy Anniversary!!! Another really beautiful post from the Croft!!! I wish you tons more years together!!!

  18. Happy 20th! You are so blessed. I love that sunset over the snow photo...dreamy. Your whole life is beautiful. Lisa~

  19. Congratulations! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You are indeed blessed! <3

  20. Aw, husbands and marriage are awesome, and there are way too many people that seem to have forgotten that (or did we just get lucky?)

  21. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful post. What an striking resemblance between your husband and oldest son!

  22. Belated post...happy anniversary, but your everyday happiness is much more telling! It sheds joy onto those of us that come close to the two of you as well. :)


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