See what I found in the Plot Today

 I'd taken a wander through the cages Saturday, and had noticed that some of the brocolli was coming on. This is actually Calabrese, so the head in the centre is pretty much ready for cutting, and then the side stalks produce mini-heads for the months to come.

I noticed that the vegetables in the cages were looking healthy.

But I could hardly believe my eyes when I took a wander through one of the cages today.

Cauliflower. Ready and waiting.

In all, there were three cauliflowers ready to be harvested. And once a cauli is ready, it's got to be harvested, otherwise it discolours badly.

So, I guess it's blanching and freezing on my agenda for tonight.

I took these photos last week. This is one of the sections with carrots and parsnips. This year, for the first time, we used the taped seeds. The row furthest left in the photo was not from taped seeds, but the next two rows were. See the gaps? 

...lots of gaps.

I don't think we'll use the tapes again.


...coming on well.

And have a look at this gorgeous visitor. The photo doesn't show the amazing beauty and perfection of this creature. Again, God's amazing design - visiting my plot. I feel utterly privileged.

Oh, one more thing: I had a number of folks telling me they weren't able to leave comments on my posts. Well, I asked my Homeschool on the Croft Facebook friends why, and guess what: I got an answer, and now it's sorted. I reckon the comments will work for any of you now. 

I have such clever friends. Thank you Crystal!


  1. So much growth since I last saw them in person. Most of the time when I give thanks to our Father for provision I am thinking of money and grocery stores. What a blessing to be thanking Him for seeds, soil, rain, sun, butterfly nets, strong backs! I should be mindful of that, too! Thanks for a peek!

  2. Anne, that last photo looks like a Disney animation! Wow, you must have v g camera.

    Love the veg pics too. So lovely to see the harvest after all the work.

    "seed time and harvest will not cease"

    Till He comes

  3. Your garden "plot" is beautiful! Looks like all the hard work has paid off tremendously! Everything seems to be doing so well in the cages. We didn't plant much, we thought a move was in our near future this summer, but all that has changed. I'll write about it soon. Love that last photo, it's incredible, what detail our Master Designer put into the smallest of creatures.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. And the cauliflower is gorgeous. I just bought some at the market today. Oh, to be able to grow it myself. I can't get over the amount you have in your garden. Awesome!

  5. You are so very welcome. I am glad that I could help sort out the problem.

    Now onto that cauliflower! O MY GOODNESS!!! My mouth watered as soon as I saw it! I mean wow! talk about beauty and so white. You certainly can not buy anything here that looks that good. most of the stuff I see in stores no matter what time of the year are discolored and sometimes even slightly moldy.

  6. oh my gosh...those veggies are beautiful!!!! what fun!!!!

  7. Yea! I've been trying to comment for awhile, and never could get it to work. Now I don't have anything to say, just wanted you to know I love your blog!

    OK...only works at anonymous, wouldn't let me sign in with Bloggggrrrrrr.

  8. Beautiful veggies! What lovely garden plots you have!

  9. Love your veggies. They look perfect. I think the cage must be a great way to go to keep out the naughty bugs. Our veggies are coming along so much slower because of the draught we are having. But they are finally beginning to look like they are going to produce some veggies after all. I have some cauliflower planted... I hope it comes out as pretty as yours.
    What are the "tapes". I'm curious about it... it is something I haven't heard of. I have been enjoying a nice "catch up" on your blog. Love all the pics of the cows and the sheep and the dog... and the family at the beach (I probably should have mentioned them first... I was thinking of them in order of the posts I read, not in the order of importance... you know that of course :).
    Much Love ALways,

  10. The last photo kinda freaked me out lol! Enjoy all your lovely produce!

  11. Beautiful veggies! Congrats on a great garden.


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