Delicious, delectable, delightful

My friend, Dawn, called over today.

She brought along the sweetest, most delectable treat imaginable.

Have a look at this...

Tell me: could you not eat this? I mean... those jeans and that gorgeous delightful, squeezable derriere. 


But, not one to stay faint for too long when there are other delectables on the go, have a look at what else she took along with her...

 Sticky Toffee Cupcakes with Toffee Icing.


I choose my friends carefully ;)

Anyway, onto some more photos of the 'other' edible bundle.

Seriously cute. Sweet. Even though I didn't even get one glimpse of those thighs today.

Next time, boy. Next time...


  1. Definitely delicious! Baby and cupcakes!!

  2. You are too funny. Yes, I could eat him up and I don't even know him. Good looking little kid and the cupcakes aren't so bad either.

  3. What a cute baby ;o)
    The cupcakes, I think we should test them again, just to make sure they are good enough for....errrr....well....just for anyone else to try!!

  4. Haha He is super cute! And the cupcakes look yum, as well! ;)

  5. No doubt about it! Eat him up!

  6. Hey, I'm responding to your tomato question on my blog. I bought a salsa mix which had directions for canning, but I didn't have enough to can so I just refrigerated it. There are several salsa recipes out there for canning I think.

  7. I need a friend like Dawn. To bring over a baby AND cupcakes? She is a keeper.



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