Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I'm joining Patrice again on her porch. I know the weather is really hot where she is, so we may go inside after a wee while. But for now, I'm loving the heat!

We've had a lovely spell of weather here. It's been cool - just hitting the 60s - but it's been reasonably sunny and it's been dry. My veggies are happy, so I am too...

Here are Patrice's questions for today:

What season was your wedding? If you aren't married, the what season is your birthday?

We were married in August. Oh, that's this month. You probably wont believe me, but we have hardly ever remembered our wedding anniversary. Most years, towards the end of August, one of us will say, 'Oh... the end of August? That means we forgot our anniversary.' Again! I know most folks will find that almost unbelievable, but for some reason our wedding date never established itself on my brain's memory card. It's not far off now, so I'm going to try and remember it. 

What names did you call your grandparents?(ie- grandma, granny, gran, grammie)

Granny and Grampa. I've spoken about my Grampa who lived with us here

What's your favorite smell that comes from your oven?

Oooh, that's a difficult one, because there are too many choices. Patrice said something with cinnamon in it, and that would definitely be close to the top of the list. Mind you, when we walk in the door from church on a Sunday afternoon, the smell of our roast takes a beating. Aaahhh, Bisto! (You'd have to be British to understand :)

If you eat eggs- scrambled, fried, over easy, sunny side up, or other?

Nope. Don't do eggs. Except in baking. My favourite way then is in cakes. And pancakes. For the past few days I reckon I'm attempting to set a record for the most number of pancakes made and eaten in the shortest space of time.

What's the tidiest room in your house? What's the messiest?

Gulp. Oh, the Lounge is normally the tidiest, because we use the Family Room most of the time. It does mean that the lounge is tidy and therefore very relaxing when we use it.

The messiest? Er, can 'the rest of the house' be a valid answer? No?

Well, the Wee Guy's bedroom is bad....really bad. In fact, it's so bad that the Builder took a photo of it last night. You wanna see?

I can't believe I'm actually showing this photo.

Do you like the sticker on his middle drawer: Lifejackets stowed here.

I wish to reassure all my readers that none of us was hurt during the robbery. 

I'd also like to assure y'all that the robbers found nothing worth taking.

Oh, Patrice, I've suddenly begun to feel the heat. Let's go in for a cuppa. 

Tea? Hot tea? Er, yes.... and I'll have some eggs - as long as they're inside cake.   


  1. you are so witty! your posts are great fun to read :o) Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Wee Guy......your Mum makes me laugh so hard!!! Please hug her for me....and then tell her you love her as you look for that "robber." :)
    You have a great Mom and I have a great friend.

  3. Hey! Love the pictures of the bedroom, is it a boy thing?! I tidied, reeeeeally tided the kids bedroom on Saturday, by Tuesday it also looked burgled!!

    I like the sticker! Our boy has 'Danger, risk of electric shock' sticker on his door!

  4. Ah Ha Ha Anne, love the "Wee Guy's" bedroom, because it comforts me that maybe all boys are the same, and I haven't hatched the only 4 that love to life amongst the rubble... and then there is Olga.... who is away at college now, and enjoys the rubble with the college roomies... I think hers was usually the worst of the 7 no matter how often I kept after her to clean it up. Oh well... I'd love to join you for that "cuppa.." even in this heat.
    Much Love,

  5. I simply LOVE the Porch chat! :) Maybe the Wee Guy was looking for something... Or perhaps he was pretending to be the robber himself.

    And I don't like eggs unless they are 'in' something myself. Cake, pastries, bread, or French toast.

  6. I loved all the answers to your questions. Why don't you remember your anniversary? Did you plan to get married at a different time of year? Just curious. I am glad it has warmed up and you are experiencing a heat wave. :)

  7. I read here often without comment- but couldn't resist a comment on wee guy's room! I declare it to be tidy, there is floor space to be seen :-) Out of 4 girls, only one was tidy. The rest were like that and worse! Now they are grown, even the untidy ones keep a tidy house.
    Your blog is great - thank you.


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