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There is a blog I always read, even in my busiest times. It's called Spilled... because my cup overflows, and Davene, its author, has such a wonderful way with words. She also has four gorgeous wee boys, and often has photos of them, and writes of what they have said. Yes, this is a definite attraction for me.

Wee boys = delight

Well, recently she announced she was pregnant again. Would you believe me if I said that...

- I wasn't jealous in the slightest bit;

- I didn't feel broody; 

- I didn't sigh and say, 'Ahhhh, if only....', before I caught myself, gave myself a mental check, and thanked God for the four blessings I have been given. 

Well, back to Davene and her boys. These boys are cute. Really, really cute. Delightful. A pleasure. They are blessings. Adorable. 

It's got to be said that a mother is not lacking much when she has Christ, a wonderful husband and four gorgeous sons.

Well, as I said, Davene is pregnant again, and she has just announced she's expecting ..... a girl. 

A Girl!! 

Now, nobody could love wee boys more than I do, and I never looked at her blog and pitied her because she had all these boys and no girls, but I have to tell you that I squealed in delight when she told us she was having a girl. I was so excited for her that I really wanted to jump up and down and hug her - a lady I've never met! The whole thing got me thinking:

I was delighted when she announced she was pregnant, but why was I ecstatic when she told us it was a girl?

I know it wasn't because I prefer girls to boys.

I know it wasn't because I loved to dress girls in pink.

I know it's not because I loved to play with dolls with them.

I think it's because I have the blessing of having both. I am the mother of sons, and the mother of daughters. Both experiences are so precious to me: one is not better than the other, nor more precious to me. But they are different experiences.

One experience is not better; nor worse: not greater; nor lesser. Just different.

And now, God willing, Davene will be able to experience the blessing of being mother to a daughter as well as being mother to sons. I would wish for every mother to experience both.

I sure wouldn't swap either ... not for the world.

But I also wish for every dad to experience both. For Davene's husband, being the father of a daughter will be a whole new experience too. What I have seen of fathers and daughters gives me to believe that this relationship is truly special too. And if I were to ask any father who has been blessed with having a little girl what he thinks.... I reckon he wouldn't swap that for the world. Yes, Mr Spilled... all being well, this little bundle is gonna change your world. You are going to discover emotions of protectiveness you never knew existed. 

Oh boy! Look out anyone who doesn't treat this little girl right! Look out, I say!

And so, to Davene and to her husband, I wish all the blessings and joys that having a daughter can bring.

To the little girl? Well, don't tell anyone I said this, but what I honestly wish for her is that she may, one day, have a sister.

Shhhhh. I said don't tell anyone I just said that ;)


  1. Beautiful words....just precious.

  2. Oh Anne, how can one post make me laugh and cry at the same time? But that's what you've done here by your sweet words. Thank you so very, very much for your kindness, support, and enthusiasm. I totally agree with you that this little girl will be a special blessing for her daddy, one which I can hardly wait to witness with my own eyes. And about your last wish? Well, you'll just have to talk to God about that one. ;-)

    Thank you again, dear friend whom I've never met but whom I would dearly love to hug in person someday!!!

  3. I'll have to go visiting when I have time! I agree ~ I too am blessed to mother both a girl & boys & I'm so glad God sent me both ( we'd love more of both, but appreciate the blessings we do have). I was one of 5 girls & we always told Dad how spoilted he was to have so many girls!!
    Have fun

  4. Oh, Anne! I just love your posts! You always manage to make me feel what you are feeling. Now I, too, am excited for your friend! Congratulations, Davene! <3

  5. Yes, a sister. We wouldn't want for the little girl to be alone. :-) I am a mother to four girls and one boy. My son dreams of another boy in the home. He is eleven right now. I know children are a blessing and a boy or girl would be a great addition to the family.

  6. will check her blog out, my friend is prego with the 4th girl!!! :)

    mountain mama


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