Answering Questions on Patrice's Porch Again

As I type, I'm watching (yet another) episode of the Pioneer Woman's cookery programme. The kindest reader ever of PW's blog actually sent me the programmes on DVD, so that's been my evening entertainment for the night.

At dinner, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Right, once dinner is cleared away, I'm off to watch the Pioneer Woman's DVD.
Wee Guy: Ohhh yes! Cowboys!
Me: Er, no... it's a cookery programme.
Wee Guy: Who on earth makes a DVD about food when you could make it about cowboys?

Reasonable question?

Now that we've spent the evening watching the DVD, my kids are talking with an Okie accent.

Do you call Oklahoma Okie? I've never heard that, but surely you must. Maybe it's Oklie. Anyway, accents aside, I'm trying hard not to covet PW's kitchen utensils.

This week, some of Patrice's questions have come from other readers, so here goes!

Alison asks: What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome, or need to?

Oooohh, that's a difficult one, Alison. 

When the whole 'homeschooling' idea came to us, I knew at once it sounded like the best idea ever... For other mums. For me? Nope. I was sure it just would never work. I'm disorganised (big style); I'm forgetful (bigger style); I'm scatterbrained (even bigger style). The combination of these made me think homeschooling would be a disaster. So I did have to overcome the obstacle of, 'Lord, I know this is the way to go, but me??'. I seriously felt I was the wrong person to ask this of. I guess I had to overcome any thoughts of self-reliance, and realise when something is right to do, it's always possible to do.

As y'all know, I wouldn't change it for the world now. And yes, I'm still disorganised, forgetful and scatterbrained. But I am who I am, and God gave me these precious children, knowing what I am. Who am I to suggest He has made a mistake?

Having said all that, I constantly battle with attempts to become more organised, because I know my life and the lives of those with whom I live is better when the home runs smoothly. This obstacle is a constant challenge for me, and one I simply need to keep working at.

Julia asks: If you won $100,000, what changes would you make?

Well, I can't ever see the circumstance in which I'd win money, but if this kind of money landed on my lap...?  I'd be mortgage free! And I'd buy myself some lenses for the camera.

Oh, and some of the kitchenware I was admiring earlier tonight.

Ann McGuffy asks: What's the most unusual pet you've had?

No unusual ones. Growing up, we had dogs, but after my Grampa died, his dog, a collie, died of a broken heart. That's the truth. The day of my Grampa's funeral, she followed the procession down the road, came back to our barn and mourned. She died only a couple of weeks after Grampa. A few years after that, my parents - after incessant pleading from a certain daughter (and it wasn't my sister!) - bought a miniature Shetland Collie. She died after I was married, so it's my Mum who mourned (and still becomes teary when we speak of) her.

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

We're not as big on the whole decorating business as the Americans are. I guess we begin about a week before. The kids force me to leave the stuff up until after New Year, but I am definitely ready to pack it away by then.

It's clear my upbringing was Scottish Presbyterian. Of course, my kids' is too, yet they love the decorations. I'm guessing they may grow out of it. Or not. The Builder loves the decorations more than I do.

I do wish we decorated for the Fall though. Autumn colours are my favourite, and I'd love the coziness of having our home decorated in warm, autumnal colours. That would be unheard of in this neck of the woods. Having no trees means we don't ever see Fall colours outside, but I reckon this may be all the more reason to decorate inside. I think I'll begin a trend.

What's your favourite type of magazine to read?

I think I'd probably choose a magazine with a combination of interior decoration, food and recipes and gardening (vegetable, that is. Flowers are for vases, not for outdoors here!). I'd like the homes shown to be traditional and country-ish; the food to be delicious, do-able, family-friendly, and made with ingredients that are possible to find; and I'd like the gardening section to be.... well, I'd just like it to be there!

Thanks again, Patrice, for having us come by. I'm hitting the sack now. I'm all puckered out, and I just know that all my dreams are gonna be in American accents. Even what I'm writing is.... does it come across? 

No? Well, it sure sounds it on this side of the screen.

Have a great week!


  1. That would be "Okie". My dad was one. I don't hear the distinct accent there, but I guess it may be clearer to someone outside of the US. Thanks for joining in. That's so sweet that the dog mourned. I've heard of that before. I've also heard of people passing right after the other because they mourned so. I agree that decorating for fall is lovely. Have a good rest of the week!

  2. Your thoughts about homeschooling sound sooo similar to mine! I'm so glad we do though.
    I love to decorate for fall! It is my favorite color scheme too :)
    Stop by if you get a chance :)
    Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  3. nope ~ just the people in OK are called okies...yay for us! :)
    have a great day!

    mountain mama

  4. I have heard of dogs dying of a broken heart before. So sad, but yet so devoted.

  5. Funny how others can hear an accent more than we can.

  6. OOOH! I had no idea she did a TV show...can you copy DVD's?....;-)

    SOOO with you on the HS side of things - I could have written your answer!

    I think the decorations cheer up the dour appearance of winter! :-)

    Didn't Greyfriar's Bobby return to his masters grave every day? Animals can be amazing!

  7. When my grandmother died, she has a canary. As she got sicker and sicker so did the bird. We came in after the funeral and the bird was dead in the bottom of the cage. It still freaks me out. Same with my Mom her dog did the same. Animals know I guess.
    Home schooling has that effect. I never even considered myself organized until I had to be, nor did I ever think I had patience, but home schooling your dependance is on God and He is the one who performed my daily miracles. I can't even imagine life with out him in control.

  8. My homeschooling experience was similar as well. It sounded good for someone else, but could I really pull it off. Our last kiddo will finish up next spring, then it's off to college or the great big world, which ever he decides. I've gotten a little more ogranized over the years, but I come no where close to other homeschool moms and what really surprises me is how mothers of large families do it? That's baffling to me! lol

    Wednesday Hodgepodge & Chit Chat on Patrice's Farmhouse Porch

  9. Home schooling must be a great challenge with even greater rewards. Good for you!

  10. Ah yes! Mortgage free is my dream:)
    And I do believe homeschooling was the best Leap I have ever taken:)))

  11. I say, start the trend!! Fill your home with beautiful fall colors, warm and spicy scents, and anything else that makes you smile. :)


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