A Day in Town

I had to go to town today. You see, it's Friday, so my cupboards needed re-filling. If I didn't absolutely have to go to town, I wouldn't, but the only thing more important to this family than having Mother in the kitchen all day, every day, is having the cupboards in the aforementioned kitchen full of food.

And so, on a lovely November day, I headed to town.

While driving on my way to town, I did what all normal people do: I stopped the car in the middle of the Barvas moor to take some photos.

You mean, this is not normal?

Well, it is if you're a blogger.

This photo is looking towards town. It's grey.

But look at the next one...

This is looking back to the place from whence I came. It's blue and bonny.

I was on my own today. I have four kids laid up with coughs and colds. This is not good news considering what they'd all be hoping to be doing tomorrow.

Bonfires are needing built, and I have a feeling we're gonna have some very disappointed kids, looking out windows at others doing what they will be desperate to do.

Anyway, back to my trip to town.

The harbour was almost totally empty of fishing boats. Our local fishermen would have been glad of the good weather.

The Castle ground trees are almost completely void of leaves.

To the right of the photo, the Lews Castle is seen clearly through the clearing.  

It must be a welcome sight to fishermen returning to harbour after their toil.

On the other side of the harbour, the ferry was loading up for its return trip to Ullapool.

And shortly after, she could be seen from the Battery disappearing beyond Sandwick's cliffs.

This is Sandwick, the graveyard to the left of the photo.

On my way home, I popped in to my sister's for a cuppa, and took these photos from her Lounge window.

Just to show y'all... we have trees!


  1. Those photos did my heart good!! I think about you all and Lewis every day. Where ARE all the fishing boats? Well, I thank you again for the glimpses of one of my favorite places. Hope everyone gets a good night's rest and is well enough for tomorrow.

  2. Love the photos ~ you have a castle nearby !!!!!!!!!WOW !!!!!!!!! I would so love, love, love to see a castle in real life!
    Gorgeous pictures & I love the fact that the sky is so beautiful all over the world ( I love sky photos). Isn't our Creator just amazing!
    Have a happy weekend

  3. Nice pictures from your car and from your sister's lounge. Pretty trees! Sorry your kiddos are sick....kinda nice that they're all ill at the same time...otherwise, it can take a quite a L O N G time to work thru our larger families - one person at a time! Hope you avoid whatever is ailing them! Happy Bonfire!

  4. Beautiful, in a rugged, barren sort of way! I liked the drive between Harris and Lewis, and the gorgeous little coves with the blue, blue water! My friend lived in Shetland (she may be related to you somewhere, as she used to be a Morrison!) and I think they have less trees?....like, none?!
    Hope the children feel better soon, and you have a fab night.


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