The Last Couple of Days...

We haven't seen Big Brother's sheep for a while. Today, some of the ram lambs, or tup lambs, were being brought in for the winter. These animals will be sold next year, so they have to be at their best when it comes to selling time. 

Because they're inside, their food will be used by their bodies to grow big and strong, whereas if they were outside, the food would be used, in part, to keep their bodies warm.

The wind was strong today, though not quite at the speeds we've had over the past few nights. Big brother, the Wee Guy and another nephew, Daniel, were well wrapped up against the 50mph winds in the afternoon.

The Wee Guy is clearly enjoying himself.

Oi, cove! Smile like your cousin!

As you all know, we had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday evening. We had such a lovely time. Good food and great company.... What more does a person want?

Okay. Cake-pops, home-made by Dawn;

...and a gorgeous bunch of kids.

They spent the afternoon painting leaves, 

and writing names on our place settings.

The Wee Bundle didn't want to miss out on any of the action.

After we'd eaten....

... the Bundle's daddy giving him raspberries to eat.

They didn't go down well.

...but we loved seeing his reaction.

Again and again!

Tonight, as head to bed and anticipate the Lord's Day tomorrow, we look forward to a day of rest when we can meditate on all the goodness of God to us, and give praise for all His our reasons for thanksgiving. As I type, the winds are around 80mph, and the forecast is for the gusts to be even stronger than that. What a blessing a warm, secure home is.

May you all have a wonderful Lord's Day, and may the resurrected Saviour, who is the reason for our weekly day of rest and of blessing, become all the more precious to us all.


  1. WOW, those are some strong winds! I never realized how much the wind blew there. A nice cozy warm home would be very welcome indeed. Thanks for sharing. Blessing to you.

  2. Lovely! Your spread looked amazing...as did Dawn's cake pops! :-) At least you won't be alone with the wind tonight, with the "other half" there to keep you feeling safe! Oh, and WE have high winds tonight, but I like hearing them blow outside, knowing I am warm in here! :-) Praying you have a blessed Lord's day! x

  3. happy late thanksgiving!!!!! :)

    mountain mama

  4. Hi! Nice to see those young rams. I've been wondering if the sheep were all just rolling and rolling around in the wind on the croft. But, of course, they are fine. Nice Thanksgiving dinner. Come on over here next year. The men will all love it - a trip to a feast.

  5. A warm, secure home is a blessing for certain. Nice to see all of you gathered together at the table. And, the wee bundle is so very cute.

  6. Lovely pics! Still thinking about the delicious food, yum!!
    <3 Dawn x

  7. Lovely photos, looks like a great time was had by all.


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