It's Time For ...

It's that time of year again.

'What time', you ask?

Well, it's the time for fireworks...

So... what have the following photos got to do with fireworks?

Well, this weekend is their weekend too...

Oh yes, let the fun begin.

But this is the question. If you were a future lamb, would you prefer to have been fathered by...

Mr John Wayne. Handsome, and fairly attractive? 

Manly, but a nice face too?

Or Bruce Willis...

Possibly not quite as handsome in the face, but oh, what a physique.

Where do you stand? If you were a next-year's-lamb...

Just wonderin'


  1. Are these the actual names of your sheep? I just them! I'd have to say...oh drats, I just don't know. I'm stuck on their names only not how each male sheep looks. lol I guess if I were a sheep then I'd think, "Would I really care who my father is?" Nah, probably not. So, surprise me! =D

  2. You are absolutely too funny! And choosing between those two beauties, I'm not sure that's possible. Bruce Willis or John Wayne? Can sheep have non-fraternal twins? (I think I just blew your PG rating!!)

  3. Have a wonderful time with the fireworks and bonfire.....will Mr. Guy Fawkes go up in smoke again for what he tried to do to Parliament?

    I would choose John Wayne.....rugged and yet, faithful to the task at hand...???

  4. Bruce is the man! .....er sheep!

  5. Again, lambing live is so informative - the ewe in the background (in the first "sheepy" picture) has already been "done", right?! Or, maybe I am waaaay wrong...lol We have a family night the weekend after, with my inlaws! should be good fun! He gets some pretty amazing fireworks! :-)

  6. lol I love how you name the sheep :) I think I'd go with the handsome!

  7. Those are some handsome rams!

  8. it's gotta be the new fella for carcasse conformation and mobility, he stands beautifully and he's all about the body. Though i may stick JW's head on him for Blackface characteristic. Great colour in the new fellows legs but maybe a bit too much white on the muzzle, now i'm just being pedantic! Great horn on the new new fella so i now conclude he is a far superior animal to JW. ps don't show this critique to CF!? ;-)


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