Homeschoolers' Reformation Day Get-together

When our homeschooling families came together to celebrate Reformation Day, our kids came prepared for the plays in which they they were performing.

Here is our cast of characters.

Here is a poor German parishioner buying an indulgence from ...

er... hang on! Is this who I think it is? Selling indulgences??

A word with you later, young man, please.

Here were some of the nuns that were able to escape from the convent. 

(This was them trying to look very serious. Frightened even, because the consequences would have been serious indeed had they been caught. So... do they look worried to you guys?)

Many nuns who, when they heard the Gospel, became aware that the vows they had taken were not binding in God's eyes. Martin Luther helped some escape, with the aid of a fish merchant who came with his delivery of fish one night to the convent.

(Isn't the cart fabulous?! Well done, Mary and your troops, for the wonderful props)

Leaving the convent, among the stinking barrels were twelve nuns. One of the twelve was Katharina von Bora, who was later to become Luther's wife.

The third and final time Luther was convicted of the total sufficiency of Christ's finished work came when he was in Rome, climbing the steps of the Scala Sancta. (Read about them here.) As Luther climbed the steps on his knees, the words...

...screamed out to him.

This portion of Scripture, "The just shall live by faith", spoke to Martin Luther on three separate occasions. Although he had been saved, his grave clothes of superstition, of tradition and of works were bound tightly to him. (see yesterday's post) Three times, the Lord spoke to him through this truth, until finally, here on the steps of the Scala Sancta, Luther was able to shout with joy and with all conviction, 



  1. What a great idea to celebrate reformation day & it looks like a whole lot of fun ( yes, the nuns did seem extra happy there :) too!
    We have the movie Luther & before that I had never heard the story of Martin Luther (even though I'd grown up in a Christian home all my life).
    Have a wonderful day

  2. You all did a great job (much more elaborate than our little get-togethers)! Wonderful! I love the fish cart and, yes, the nuns didn't seem to be too worried. LOL! Thanks for sharing! You've given me some wonderful ideas for next year! :)

  3. Love it! I like the way you school...we would fit right in. (Except I think my kiddos would be content to be the audience;)
    And you're welcome to visit anytime...even if it's only the cupcakes you want;D
    Have a wonderful day:)

  4. What a great job - I am sure the nun's were happy to be out of the convent! ;-) I should suggest this to our HS co-op for next year! :-)

  5. Love the costumes, and great way to make Reformation Day fun!

  6. Looks like a great production! I'd like to see those nuns happy, if this is frightened! Thanks for sharing your celebration!


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