A Quick Visit on Patrice's Porch

Patrice, I am so glad to be on your porch today. As you probably know, we've had a few days of up to Gale force 10 winds, and driving rain, so this spell in your wonderful Fall weather is just what the doctor ordered.

Do you have lovely Fall weather? I'm guessing you do. I'm imagining you do, so don't burst my bubble while I sit on your porch. Okay?

1. Are you afraid of heights or of small places?

I don't think I'm afraid of either, though I definitely don't have the lack of fear I had when I was younger. Then, I would scale any height: I never fell, and I never feared I'd fall.

As for small spaces..... I certainly don't get bothered in lifts - er, elevators, to you, but I wouldn't like anything over my face. I hate even watching a scene on TV where someone's face is being covered, or even when they're underwater and (obviously) not able to breathe.

I remember during my first labour, they tried to put the gas-and-air mask on me. I definitely felt that panic that comes with a claustrophobic feeling. I pushed it off straight away. I hated that feeling.

2. What was on the top of your wedding cake?

Ermmm. Flowers? I don't remember to be honest. Oh, hang on - I have a photo...

There you go.... flowers! 

2. What was something you took for granted in school that you'd pay better attention to now if you could do it over?

Oh, that's a difficult one. To be honest, I paid attention to nothing at school - at least my first time round. That's the truth, I'm afraid.  (I went back to school (that's High School) when I was twenty-one, to get the qualifications for University. I thoroughly enjoyed my time then, and loved the subjects I studied).

At this stage, I would simply love to be able to read and study, but there is so little time. I hope my mind will still be as inquisitive as it is when, all being well, my babies fly the nest. I don't like thinking about that season in many ways, but I do hope I'll make good use of any time God gives me. There are so many things I'd love to learn, and learn about. 

4. What's your favourite typ of tea or coffee?

I'm mostly a tea drinker, and my tea would be plain and simple... TEA! 

My Dad, and DR both love Earl Grey. Bleugh!

2. Would you rather drive the car, or be a passenger?

Oh, drive, anyday. Well, except when the Builder is driving. I love to sit as a passenger when he's driving. I especially love going on a drive with him when it's just the two of us. For us, this is as close to a date as it comes :)

Now, Patrice, I'm afraid I have to go. I have a Maths book to translate, a script to translate, baking to make, and kids to teach, so today's visit will have to be cut short. I do hate to leave your lovely porch.... but, no doubt, we'll meet up here again next Wednesday.

We have our communion weekend coming up here, so things are even busier than normal. What's the communion weekend? Well, I'll post about that tomorrow. 


  1. I agree with you on Earl Grey...Lady Grey is much better, but I am a fan of English Breakfast Tea. I like my tea with a bit of sugar in it. Unless it is iced tea, then it needs to be unsweetened.

    I enjoy learning as well. I like to read history and science to the kids for school, but sometimes they don't want me to. Bummer!

    Oh, and driving, I prefer to drive myself regardless. My hubby has a lead foot!

  2. I'm so glad you posted the wedding picture. I so wanted to show mine, but we're remodeling and I have left the scrapbooks and wedding album boxed. One day I will dig in and share. Thanks for stopping by the porch! Your winds sound nasty.

  3. All this talk of tea and now I'm wanting a cup. Hmmm, I believe I'm all out of Earl Grey and Lady Grey to boot. Oh pooh! Make note to self: Put tea on store list.

    Until next Wednesday's chit-chat, take care!
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    Have a good day!
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  4. Isn't it funny that now we teach our children? I was never much of a student, I didn't see much purpose. But when I started teaching my own kids, it became such a wonderful gift. Yesterday after we finished history, my son looked at me and said,
    " I love History!" It makes me so happy that God called me to do what I now love to do every day.

  5. Lovely to learn a little more about you & your wedding picture is so pretty! I'd love to invite you to sit on our porch in the lovely spring weather, however it's raining at the moment & everything is wet ( which we're rather thankful for). Have a wonderful day

  6. Wonderful wedding photograph!! I love learning as well.

  7. Beautiful wedding photo! I think Earl Grey tastes like perfume, but my husband likes it. By the way, we've had "Gael" force winds here the last few days ;)
    Looking forward to your next post.


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