Another Visit.... Right on Time, as Always

So glad it's Wednesday again, and I can catch up with you, Patrice.

Er, what d'ya mean it's not Wednesday? 

Not Thursday either?

I give up. Just ask me your questions, then we can get on with our cuppa and cake. (If it's not Wednesday, it means I've probably got all the cakes to myself. So you see... there's method in madness, as well as a lot of madness in my method.)

1. Did you have a way to earn money as a child or teen?

Nope. I lived a life of luxury and idleness. 

2. Does your body run hot or cold? (Are you in a sweater/jumper when everyone else is in short sleeves, or do you wear a sweatshirt when everyone has parkas on?)

I always used to feel warm. No matter what the weather, I never felt the cold. I was barefoot in the house all the time and never had to wear a sweater or cardigan. But since I was ill eight years ago, everything changed. I feel cold now all the time, and seldom warm up. I wear sweaters in the house all year round, so the thought of wakening, working, and living through months of warmth.... well, that sounds wonderful.

(Of course, that's coming from someone who doesn't have to endure weeks, or months even, of relentless heat and humidity.)

3. What's your level of computer savvy? 

Well, I can do everything I need to do... I can blog.

There's more? Er, I can check my mail.

Still more? Oh yes, I can chat on Facebook. 

You're serious: people do more than that? 

Oh, I can do my work. And how could I forget? I can shop online. Oh, I can shop!

There's no way folks actually do more than that. Do they? 

4. When you have pasta, so you prefer a red sauce (marinara type) or a white sauce (fettuccine type).

Red, I think. Erm, let me think. I love pasta, and enjoy both types, but I think I'll stick with the red sauce as my first choice. We have pasta regularly here, but it's mostly as Spaghetti Bolognese (because everyone is the house eats it); or maybe with chicken breast and roasted vegetables. Oh, Catherine has it regularly in Macaroni Cheese (when there's something on the menu she doesn't eat.... ie regularly). Personally, I can't go Macaroni Cheese, and the Builder needs meat with his meal. Bacon doesn't count - it's for breakfast fry-ups and for lunchtime sandwiches.

5. What's your favourite thing to put in Brownies?

Just chocolate chips. No nuts. Ever. I can't eat nuts in any shape nor form. I'm not allergic or anything, but I seriously dislike nuts, so the thought of adulterating delicious brownies with them....? No. No. No.

So, Patrice, now that we've eaten all the cakes, I guess I'd better go and get some work done. You know all the stuff that's on my to-do list...

Post on blog          -----      Check!
Check email          -----      Just gonna do that
Translate next Math book chapter     -------    Er... next item, please
Check online sales      ------   Yep, will do
Begin lifting the potatoes     ------   Er, what d'ya think I married the Builder for?
Do the ironing     -----      Katie!!
Tidy   ..... Tidy?? Who on earth wrote that on my list?    ----- scrub that, thank you 

See you next week, Patrice! On Wednesday, remember ;)


  1. great! i don't care for nuts in brownies either...ick! :)

    mountain mama

  2. Looking at your list, I LOVE the way you think, and the brownies - definitely pristine & nut-less!

  3. you do make me laugh, Anne! What did I do to make me smile before I followed this!? Maybe one day we will fellowship in real life, and you can make me chuckle in person! And, a woman after my own heart....tidy?....I wouldn't if I could get away with it! Well, at the moment the children are doing it - they made the mess...they can clean it up! ;-) (mean Mother!) Have a blessed weekend! x

  4. Hahaha...I'm SO with you on number 3!!!!

  5. I like your list! It doesn't matter that you weren't here on Wednesday. I knew you were coming, so I waited for you. I'm a wee bit stiff from sleeping on the porch bench, but I'm as faithful as a hound dog!Perhaps I'll wait inside next time and bake brownies with NO nuts.
    Have a great weekend!


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