Lambs at the Auction Mart

Spot the difference between this...

and this...

Did you find the difference?

Here's a clue. Think...


Now go back to the first two photos. In the first, the croft between us and the sea has lambs in it. In the second photo, the croft is empty.

That's because they've been to the market. Now, although I think curry, and lamb chops and roast gigots, the lambs will be glad to know that not everyone does. You see, many of Big Brother's shearlings, wedders and lambs will be for breeding. (Were you impressed with the terminology? Er, well, the truth is ... I haven't a clue. D.R explained it all to me yesterday - there were year old males; there were castrated (oh, I find that word painful. Say it. Just try saying the word... isn't it painful?) one-year olds; there were 6-month old lambs; there were other a year-and-a-half. Male? Female? Who knows.

What I do know is that on the first day at the Auction Mart, there was a show before the sale. I also know that Big Brother's fellas did awfully well. I know too that he was chuffed, and that he even smiled.

I just with I'd been there to see it. 

If you click on this link, you will find a gallery of photos and then some video footage from this week's events at the Mart. There are 28 photos first, and then the first of the videos shows one of BB's ram lambs (oh, how I hope I have that right) going under the hammer. BB is in the ring, just below the auctioneer.

Maybe next year I'll venture here myself. I could wear a very strong perfume and take a good face mask for when things get really bad. Ya reckon the other mart-goers would be offended?


  1. Well done!!! Congratulations to him. So that was one of this year's. Really interesting, Anne.

  2. Congrats! I would venture to the market just for the adventure of it!

  3. I'd go if given the chance. We're soon to have sheep on our farm. The come with their own guard llama. Does that make me a "Llama Mama"? :)

  4. Is that fresh cilantro on there, my friend???
    It looks yummy....does it taste like chicken curry?

  5. Can I just say a few things (I was going to say "one thing", but thought of some others!...) - firstly, that curry looks AMAZING (or, whatever it is)...and lamb...mmm, mmmmmmm.....secondly, you COULD go next time, but you would have to wear a flowery head scarf, because one of the only women I saw there had one on, so that must be the general form....pictures of you wearing it, please....and thirdly, I would love a lovely sheep, with curly horns (sorry, ...ram), but, alas, I haven't got a spare £550.....:-o I guess that was one to be used for breeding, having watched "lambing live"! ;-) iplayer is very edgakashunal....

  6. I just have to say once again you brought a smile and a chuckle to me this morning. It is amazing on the different ways we live and the wonderful sights and sounds. Blog on my dear funny friend. So enjoyed!!
    Blessings Roxy

  7. I missed the lambs the first time I looked at the first shot - are those WAVES crashing up over the Butt of Lewis!?! Awesome! (I've GOT to get there some day)

    I know that's how we get those lovely foods (although lamb here in the U.S. is so expensive, I can't afford it) but it's still sad that those woolies have to....you know.

    I always have to think twice when you say "chuffed." It sounds like "chapped," which here means anything BUT pleased.

    I still think you need to learn to spin!!! You've got all that incredible wool right outside the door (another use for the woolies), and the winter nights are VERY long there......

  8. You have quite the life, Anne. :)


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