Patrice's Porch Chat

Patrice, I'm loving the Fall colours around your porch. I'm loving being able to sit outside, and not get blown away. Except by the gorgeous colours. And the wonderful company. Your questions for today were suggested by some of last week's ladies, so let's get to them...

1. What is your favourite coffee drink?

Well, as you all know, I'm a tea drinker more than a coffee drinker. Tea, tea, tea. Oh.... and I mean hot tea. Tea with milk.

2. What's the chore you hate the most that you wish Blogger would come do?

Just one?

I think it would be tidying up. If I could have Blogger arrive every day around 4pm to give our house a quick tidy, I would be a happy bunny. We do tend to have a tidy around this time of day, especially in the Family Room, so that when it comes to sitting in the evening, we are sitting in a tidy room. There's nothing worse than sitting in a guddle in the evening. At that stage, we're too tired to tidy, so we have to just put up with it.

Oh... scrub that last comment (ha! 'scrub' ... ). How could I not have thought? Definitely the chore of making the Builder's packed lunch.

Picture the scene. Dinner is made; dinner is eaten; dinner is cleared away. The dishwasher is on. There is light at the end of my tunnel. My seat on the sofa is calling my name. I want to go, but there's just a couple of little itsy-bitsy jobs yet to do... Wipe off the worktop, and then it'll be time to sit. Ahhhhh....

And then... 'Na p├Čosan!!' (Literally 'pieces'... sandwiches)

Groan! You'd think when I've been making them for twenty years that I would never forget them. But I do. Time and time again. It's not that they're the worst job in the world to do: the problem is when I'm making them. Just as my feet were deciding they were just about to be put up, there's one other job. Sandwiches, pasta, butter slices of fruit loaf, butter and cheese on oatcakes, jam on pancakes. Cling film...cling film... more cling film.

I just want to SIT DOWN!!

Blogger!! Come and make the 'pieces'. Pleeeeease!

3. Why did you decide to start a blog?

Well, I didn't even know about blogs until about a year-and-a-half ago. My friend introduced me to a blog, and I was smitten. I was so clueless that when she said she had begun her own blog, I was gobsmacked that anyone could 'start up a blog'. Now, I know that will all surprise you, me being so computer savvy an' all that.

The thought of being able to blether, to ramble, to 'have a yarn' with a computer screen whenever I wanted sounded fabulous. The Builder was even more delighted: 'You mean, you can ramble, and I don't have to listen?'. And so my blog was born.

I knew nothing about blogging. I had no idea that people would have any interest in what I had to say, or the place in which I live. I have loved blogging. I have loved 'meeting' others who blog. For the past wee while, I've written less frequently than I used to. There have been time issues, but mostly I wonder whether people are interested in hearing about things I've already written about. Because many of our activities are cyclical, it does mean I've written about our regular activities before, and so I hesitate to write about them again.

And so... back to the question! I didn't really decide and plan it. It just kinda happened.

4. Who is your most famous relative?

Erm... I don't think I have any of whom I know.

Except of course, that We are all Related.

5. Have you ever given yourself a home perm?

As many of you know, I was a hairdresser in a previous life. This meant that I gave many perms - home and salon - but I can honestly say I've never given myself a home perm. As a hairdresser, I always had a hairdresser to do my hair. I did, of course, have perms. Oh yes....

Now that I don't have hairdressers on hand, I don't have perms. Well, I don't mean I don't have perms because I don't have hairdressers on hand. I mean..... Oh, you know what I mean. Do you? 

See, this is why the Builder was so pleased at my blogging.

This is what he had to live with.

Er... has to live with.

I'd best be heading home now, Patrice. Things to do, people to see, places to be...

Oh, all you Americans - please make sure you call back tomorrow. Us Brits have a very important announcement for y'all. And we'll have no arguments. Right?

This could change your life. And mine ;)

See ya!


  1. as usual - I love to listen to you blether! lol I could come and sit with you in your kitchen all day, and blether with you! :-D And, should I, as a Brit, know what the announcement SHOULD be?!?! Must go and add my answers! :-) Have a great day -oh, and thanks for reminding me of my Scottish roots - "pieces"...my family look at me clueless is I mention such things - obviously I have been lacking in their upbringing - *sigh*

  2. I am so glad you are my friend!! Reading these chats confirms it! :)
    I absolutely LOVE learning new words from you to "impress" my family!

  3. So fun! I will definately check back tomorrow...you have our family all guessing!


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