It's Getting to That Time of Year Again

I'm guessing, Patrice, that we'll definitely be inside for our chat today. We certainly would be if we were meeting at my place. As I type here just now, we have winds of 75mph, and hail showers banging on the window.

It sure makes you thankful for warm, secure homes.

Apparently, tomorrow will be December. I say 'apparently' because I'm not too sure it's true. You see, two weeks ago, it was September.

Wasn't it? I have no idea where time went this year.  Let's get blethering, Patrice, and then we'll have a lovely cuppa and a cake. Sound good? Yep, it does to me too :)

1. What is your favourite day of the week? Why?

Mmmm... I think I have two. I love the Lord's Day. I love that the Builder can rest on that day, because he really does need the bodily rest that day gives us. I love that I can spend so much of the day reading or listening to sermons. My soul needs that. And, of course, I love that we're able, as a whole family, to go and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I love Sunday evenings, when we have pancakes and then sit in the Lounge. We all have our books and we alternate between reading and talking. It's a really relaxing time for us.

I also love Fridays. There's definitely something about 'that Friday feeling'. The Builder is normally home earlier on a Friday, so there's that to look forward to. We are able to eat together and then spend the evening together. We may make it a 'movie night' - that means guzzling chocolates whilst snuggled on the sofa. Or we may just sit and chill, and talk about our plans for the following day. Whatever we do, or don't do, I love Friday evenings, and I love the anticipation of it all day. 

Yes, I definitely have a spring in my step on Friday.

2. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Oh, Patrice, I think these Christmas questions are going to be a nightmare for me! I'm Scottish. I'm a Highlander. I'm an Islander. I'm Scottish Presbyterian, so give me a break!

Christmas movie?? I've just asked the girls if they know of any Christmas movies. I got blank looks and shrugging shoulders. 

3. Is there a Christmas carol that's special to you?

Eeek! I may just give up on this and return in January! A Christmas carol? Er...nope.

Quickly, give me another question:

4. Is there an art or craft you'd love to be able to do?

Oh, phew! I'd love to be able to sew well. I've only ever sewn curtains. I'd love to be able to make little nicknacs, cushions and such like for the house. I'm in awe of those folks who can chuck some pieces of material together, dab on a couple of buttons, and Bob's-your-uncle, you have a lovely handmade gift. I look at it, with my jaw touching the floor, and their response to that reaction goes something like, 'Oh, tut, that's nothing. That's so easy to make.'

Er... speak for yourself. 

I'd love to decorate cakes beautifully. I'd love to be able to make nice cards, but I have the artistic ability of a hippo, and the imagination of a crow.

Not that I wish to insult hippos, who may be wonderfully artistic for all I know. As for insulting crows... to be honest, I don't mind doing that. I really don't like crows. I mean, I know they're wonders of creation in their own way, and maybe (just, maybe) they may have something beautiful about them... I know all that, but I just don't like them. They don't look nice. They don't sound nice. They just aren't nice, and I've decided I have a better imagination than them. So, I take back all I just said, and change it to me not having the imagination of a sparrow.

That's better. 

5. Do you have a live Christmas tree or an artificial one?

When we were growing up, we never had any type of tree. Since I married, and because the Builder always had a tree, we do have one. It's artificial, and it's the same one we've had for years! I'm not into Christmas decorations in a big way, although I do love the coziness of fairy lights, and the greens and reds and golds of the garlands and wreaths. As y'all know, I love the winter months, the cozy evenings, the dark nights (er, and days!), so the decor at Christmas time really suits me.

It's now time for me to hit the sack. The girls have been so busy all week painting their bedroom. They spent all of today cleaning the floor of splashes of paint, and generally cleaning and clearing up, ready for the furniture going back tomorrow. They've done so well - I certainly wouldn't have known where to begin painting a room at their ages. I'll show you some photos of the newly painted bedroom in the next couple of days... the whole expedition (that's what it felt like!) has been quite an undertaking!

Hope you all have a great week, and that we'll meet next week again on Patrices porch swing. Or in her house, as the case may be.

Looking forward to seeing you too, Wendell :)


  1. Your answers always make me laugh. I need to come spend awhile I think.
    Have a great week!

  2. I believe that it was September just recently! Your Sundays and Fridays sound delightful. Thanks for joining in, even if I got carried away with the Christmas questions. :)

  3. I'm so glad to be able to read your chat today, especially after reading your status earlier today on FB. Praying that strong house of yours, stays very strong through the wind and hale. Builder must be a wonderful builder!!!

    As usual, I loved your chat, and also wanted to let you know, I ate a whoopie pie in honor of you tonight at our church Bible study. I'm in, I'm in the whoopie pie club and will be making some soon! Scrumptious!

  4. chuckling....as always....there must be Psalm about the incarnation?!? ;-) I have the same colour scheme o my tree - I love red's and gold's! :-) Don't get blown away today! x

  5. We don't "do" Christmas like a lot of other people - we don't put up a tree and we don't give our children gifts (we do gifts at Thanksgiving instead). However, I love "Christmas" music. How about Handel's Messiah?
    I always love reading your blog!

  6. Enjoying your blog, as usual. But I must take issue - you must NEVER say you have no imagination, for how would this wonderful source of joy for me have come to be? Please keep sharing everything as I take something good away every time I visit!


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