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The dramas in Europe happened too late for today's newspapers. In Europe last night, Prime Minister David Cameron vetoed a treaty change, and has left the United Kingdom 'out in the cold' in the EU. 

Methinks I shan't be losing too much sleep over that particular isolation.

Terry Smith was interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme. His blog is here, and you can read the full transcript of his interview on the blog. Here is a snippet:

JUSTIN WEBB: Presenter
Is it a good result for the euro? The markets, Robert Peston was telling us a few minutes ago, have not been too impressed, at least in their early thoughts. Let’s go to Terry Smith who’s chief executive of Tullett Prebon and Fundsmith, and what do you make of it, Mr Smith?
TERRY SMITH: Chief Executive, Tullett Prebon and Fundsmith
What I make of it? I’m not sure that this leaves Britain isolated, we’re still members of the European Community. But if we are isolated, we might be as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic just before it sailed.
It’s still the Titanic?
Yes, it’s still the Titanic. I mean, there is nothing that guarantees that the euro will survive at all, or in its current form in this. The essentials that would be needed to make that work just aren’t obviously present in the deal that’s being done.

'...as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic 
just before it sailed'

This has got to be the line of the year!

Anyway, onto today's papers.

This wind turbine was caught on camera going on fire in the hurricane winds that tore through Scotland yesterday. Winds of 150mph were recorded in the Cairn Gorms.

This headline follows another item of news earlier in the week which claimed that 40% of cancers could be prevented if people stopped smoking and overeating, limited their alcohol intake and exercised regularly. 

The Daily Telegraph reports on an undercover investigation they have been involved in. The Telegraph has recorded this chief examiner boasting about how little content is in the Geography GCSE and how easy it is.


And finally...

The Times has a photo from yesterday's strong winds, but leads with more on the Euro crisis. Notice the right-hand side column. "American 'cowboys' blamed for NHS fiasco". Somehow, I don't think it's the Tim Cox type of cowboy of which they talk.


  1. We totally agree with that being the best line of the year!!!

  2. Wow....our world never stops does it? That wind looks terrifying!

  3. How scary, that the winds could do that to one of those turbines.

    I'm so thankful you are fine, after all that. Have things finally calmed down? The winds? I sure hope so.

    We're in the last month of our calendar, and I have to let know, we have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going to save the pictures and try to think of something special to make w/ them. I know I thanked you before, but once again, thank you so much for your generosity, we have thoroughly enjoyed your calendar. Maybe you need to start a business? Selling calendars from the Croft?

  4. Oh my ~ no one seems to concerned.

    I hope you are keeping well & those winds haven't caused too much damage. I've heard that wind turbines can do that ~ very scary!
    Have a lovely day


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