The Last Review of 2011's Posts

In September, we had a fank where the Wee Guy was able to keep Big Brother right.

Of course, along the way, we captured a sunset or two...

And, of course, September is the month of remembering that day in 2001.

And then into October, when we celebrated Reformation Day with fellow homeschoolers,

and I had a look at some pretty awesome sights.

I had an announcement for all you Americans, though sadly, few of you seemed to take it too seriously...

In November, we celebrated Bonfire night,

remembered our fallen heroes of past wars on Remembrance Day

and celebrated my birthday with a photo session.

Okay, with a photo.

This month, I have spent most of my time reviewing the past year, though poor Jackson did have a post where he welcomed the rams back to their field, but was not rewarded with any gentlemanly behaviour from them.

Not so much as a Hello.

I cannot believe we are now just a day away from the New Year. We were blessed tonight to have a crowd of young folks in our house after they'd been 10-pin bowling. We ate some food then sat and talked.

Listening to over a dozen young folks speaking about the things of the Lord was such a blessing.

What a privilege it is to have the Lord's people in our home once again. What a blessing to end our night with the singing of Psalm 122.

I joyed when to the house of God,
Go up, they said to me.
Jerusalem, within thy gates
our feet shall standing be.


Now, for my friends' and brethren's sakes,
peace be in thee, I'll say.
And for the house of God our Lord,
I'll seek thy good alway.

Psalm 122 (first and last verses, Scottish Metrical)

My prayer for Jerusalem would be that peace may indeed be within her walls (v7). My prayer for all my friends and brethren is that they, and I, would all grow in love for our Saviour, and that we would grow in the love that brings us together, whether we are separated by seas or continents.

I pray that I would continue to be blessed by friends, near and far; by bonds that have been created over miles with people whom I've never met in the flesh, but who are indeed my 'brethren'; and that those whom I love in the world but who are still outside of Christ would come to know Him as their Saviour. This is my greatest desire of all. 

As Paul said of Israel, 'my heart's desire and prayer is... that thy might be saved'.


  1. you have a beautiful family and a beautiful dog. hope you have a wonderful new year weekend!

  2. I do think Jackson did a great job on his post. I am glad his friends did return, though sad for him they ignored him.

    I think you look marvelous in the picture with your hubby.

    And, I too love to have a house filled with fellow believers and hear the wonderful talk of faith in Him and songs of praise.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. great recap and shots!!!

    happy new year!! :D

    God bless~

  4. What awesome photos! You make it tough for a gal to sit here and see such beautiful pix of 'there!' May the Lord bless you and yours this coming year~

  5. What a lovely look back this has been.

    Today Is my birthday and I am hosting a giveaway... come on over and check it out. :)


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