Friends Reunited

Ever since November 5th, when the rams went on their holidays, I've sat here day after day after day, wondering when my friends would be back.

I mean, how long can any one holiday be? How much fun can any two rams have on a holiday?

Don't I look sad? All alone, no one to talk to.

And then, out of the blue, last Saturday afternoon....they arrive home.

I had a good look at them. Thought they'd lost a bit of weight. Looking a bit peeky, I thought. Tired, I thought.

Clearly, their holiday didn't do them much good. I must tell Big Brother not to let them go on that kind of holiday again. I just know the rams would thank me for it in the long run.

I waited for them to come and speak to me.


An hour passed...

Daddy, why don't they come and say Hello?

Mum....Is there something wrong with me?

All they're doing is eating.

All day long. Munch, munch.

Oh, hang on, Mum. He's coming over...

It's Bruce and he's coming to talk to me! 

....Or maybe not...

More food.

That's it. I'm no bothering with them any more.

Even I don't eat all day long.

Yes, I know it's because Mum and Dad don't let me. I've heard them saying how fat Labradors can get, and how they'd never refuse food, and how they'd eat all day if they could, and how the vet says owners are always duped by the pathetic, hungry look on their pet Lab's face. 

I hate the Vet for saying that. They'd have been totally duped if he hadn't spilled the beans.

Beans? Did someone mention beans? That's food, isn't it? 


  1. Jackson is a beauty! Five months have brought lots of changes. Rams back where they belong - looking very fit!

  2. I will agree with Laurie, Jackson is a beautiful dog. He looks so big. I like you post. A humorous approach to the thoughts that may go on in a dog's mind.

  3. One look at that photo and anyone would know that there is NOTHING wrong with Jackson! He's grown into a very beautiful boy. (An I assume he will never know what their 'holiday' was all about!) Very fun - thanks for sharing!!

  4. Jackson is so handsome. Those rams didn't know what they were missing ignoring him. I'm sure he would give them a good sniff if he could. Maybe tomorrow...

  5. Great story! I am sure Jackson will be happy to have his friends back. He sure has grown to be a beautiful dog!


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