Okay, something's not just as it ought to be...

This is www.xcweather.co.uk today. 

Er, will y'all have a look at the wind arrows. The red means strong winds, and what is mind-boggling is the dainty, little, blue arrow sitting on our island. 

It was worth hanging onto this image.

Something else is not as it ought to be:

A Swede. 
We reckon this may be clubroot. If it is, it's bad. 
Real bad. (That has got to be said in an American accent, because if it's said in my accent, it just sounds like bad grammar. Which is it.)


  1. It is so windy here in Yorkshire!! We must have had a weather swap!

  2. Lol!! Was wondering where all the wind had gone, this makes a nice change!

  3. Yes, big red wind arrow sitting on top of us today too!

    I know Lewis wind, and I know you won't believe me, but this is worse!!!

  4. Please tell me why a club root is bad, real bad?

  5. Kinda looks like clubroot - and you are right....Bad, Really Bad! Guess crop rotation would work.....

    Enjoy the windlessness!

  6. Bummer on the clubroot, but then again, I don't know what clubroot is. I will join in and say, "It's bad, very bad."


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