Cranes, Diggers, and Fascinated Little Boys

This is my sister's house.

She, her hubby and family live here. They are in town. Therefore, they have trees.

This digger in the foreground, needs to find its way into their back garden, and there is only one route possible.

This crane...

is being steadied...

and readied...

is being stretched...

and hooked...

to hoist the digger over the house,

right over the house,

and into the back garden.

These guys were good. Really good.

No swinging; no mistakes; no panic. Just up, over the house, and into the perfect position in the back garden.

When they were done with the first digger, another had to have the same treatment.

It looks kinda like a dinky toy, doesn't it...

And into the back garden,

brought down perfectly between the washing line poles.

All in a day's work for these guys. 

Watching the action were three enthralled little boys.

See this wee guy closest. 

Here are his feet.

Isn't he just adorable. If his dad hadn't been there, keeping a watchful eye on him, I could quite easily have taken him home with me. 

And so, another photo of something you don't see on my blog every day.


Aye, easily seen I was in town today.


  1. Woot! Perfect day out for a little boy! And I'm sure those big boys enjoyed swinging those diggers about!

    (ps. get yourself a phone - impossible to get in touch with!!)

  2. Wow! That is amazing! What a great thing to watch!

  3. My 3 year old grandson just went through all the pictures with me. He was all excited. Way too cool if you're a little boy! (pretty neat to watch as a Grandma too!)

  4. What an incredible "field trip" for the Wee guy and for you. Can't believe what they did just to get those pieces of equipment where they needed them. Very incredible feet or is it feat? ;o) You decide...lol

    Mrs. C

  5. Wow!! We need one of those to get the tractor with the auger to the building site for our pole barn! We have had so much rain that we cannot put the tractor in the yard because it will rip the grass/topsoil to pieces!

    The close up of the little boy was priceless....such gorgeous eyes!

    Sounds like a terrific day for boys of all ages and Moms!

  6. I often wondered whether it would be possible to plant trees in Ness. Let me rephrase that - plant trees in such a way as they would grow. Evidently it is not impossible as there is a plantation of conifers visible from the FP manse. These, perhaps? http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=swainbost&hl=en&ll=58.47138,-6.301153&spn=0.004923,0.00618&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6

    But are there trees that will cope with the wind more individually? Would it be necessary to build, say, a four or five foot wall to protect some growing saplings? Looks like there are some trees after a fashion in the vicinity of various houses near the water tower off Cross-Skigersta Road.

  7. Oh WOW! Now THAT is quite a process! I don't know...if it was me I think I would have been tempted just to run a few trees over;))
    Love the sweet expression of awe!

  8. How cool! I would have been enthralled right along with the adorable nephews!! :)

  9. Little boys do love big machines. Cute little feet :)

  10. I wanna play with the big toys!!!

  11. How exciting. My Noah was very intrigued by the pictures.

  12. Wow, definitely better than watching T.V, I can see how little boys could be fascinated.


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