Before and After

How's this for a before....

(one of the Utility Room cupboards after emptying the shelves)

....and after

Dearie me, I've never had cleaner and tidier cupboards in my life!

The strange thing is that last Monday, I decided I would definitely have a total clean-out of all the Utility Room cupboards.

I guess I can place a tick on my to-do list.


(Just don't wait until a fire makes it a necessity next time, Anne)


  1. I am hoping that I soon HAVE a utility room! Good job, though, Anne! :-) See, God works all things together for good! ;-p

  2. You sure it was smoke damage, and didn't just leave it too long?! ;-)

    Good job! Nothing like clean cupboards, I had to mine recently, and also not through choice, but it felt good after!

  3. wow!!

    don't you love being organized? even if it's only one nook or cranny in your home? :)

  4. Seeing the cupboards in the Utility room now has definitely made me think of every room in the house... I'm planning to go through them systematically giving them a 'deep clean' too. And without smoke damage - they should be a doddle, eh?!

    The oomph is all I'll need :)


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