Still Learning...

I've just been for a walk with Jackson. It's a gorgeous morning with blue skies, and, despite the strong winds, it was warm.... *warm*, I say... on our walk. Now, I don't want y'all telling anyone but I actually ran part of the way. 

Erm... well, I'm not sure it was technically running. It was maybe a jog, or a canter. Anyway, it was more than walking, and I did it. 

For all of about 20 yards. Thankfully, nobody saw the efforts. As a result, I can kid y'all on that it was:
a) effortless, 
b) it was actually running, 
c) it was elegant, and 
d) it was fast.

Of course, it was actually

e) none of the above. 

Moving on....

Yesterday was not a good day in the greenhouse. This...

is what I found on the peppers and chillis.

It's grey mould and it's affected almost all the pepper and chilli plants.

It'll be because the weather has been so damp, and, although there is ventilation inside the glass 'cage', the plants were simply not getting the opportunity to dry nicely.


Yet another lesson learnt.


  1. oh. how sad! :-( living and learning - adults do it too!!!

  2. Its life lessons that teach us more then books could ever teach us. I hate those lessons sometimes but sometimes they are the only way we learn.

  3. Hello! I saw your comment on Pioneer Woman that you were hoping one of PW's readers could put the shows on DVD for you. I have a DVD recorder and all the shows saved on my DVR, so I would be happy to put the shows on DVD for you if you like. I would want someone to do that for me too if I couldn't view the shows, so I am glad to do that for you!

    Also, you mentioned you live in Scotland, so my only concern is that the DVD I make for you may not work since some European and American DVD players have a different format. I will still do the DVD for you, and hopefully you will be able to view it there in Scotland. If you'd like me to do this, feel free to let me know at brandy.edwards@hotmail.com :)

  4. Yes, we lost the last weeks of harvest from our strawberries because of overwatering. We don't live on the farm (commute about 30 min). We left the water running for four days. What a disaster. Especially, when there are beautiful red berries RUINED.

    Glad to see you exercising!

  5. That's discouraging. Now you know. I have a request - could you put a picture of the whole plot up so I can see how it looks at this time of year? Whenever...

  6. shame... our tomatoes have had it now too. Blight!


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