Tonight's Sky

The sunset tonight seemed so peaceful. The colours were very dramatic, making me wonder whether there is some solar activity way up in the atmosphere

The sheep seemed to be enjoying the peace.

It's almost dark now, so we'll see in the next hour or so whether we're going to get some colours in the sky like we had the other night.


  1. Wow! Wish we could see skies like that.

  2. we don't see sunsets - too many houses. Stunning, though. We were just looking at the stars, though - living in the countryside, they are quite clear - but I am sure yours are clearer! :-D

  3. Amazingly beautiful! And so much more so in your big, big sky. Yes, I'm wishing I was there.

  4. I have always wanted to visit Scotland and you have fueled that desire. But, until it becomes a reality, I am loving your pictures. Thanks!

  5. So beautiful. This is one of the places we love to look at and dream about
    when searching out places we would love to see in the world... your sunsets and oceans are so beautiful. To answer your question on your comment on my post... we dream often of coming to Scotland. It is at the top of our dream list. Many of Steve's ancestors are from Scotland. All of which bare witness to his heart whenever he hears the bagpipes... I must say, the same thing happens to me whenever I hear them too. We get kind of choked up. Don't know why this happens. Have a lovely week Anne.

  6. So gorgeous! What vivid colors, thank you for sharing! I finally have a new post, finally found the time to write about our summer. Just wanted to let you know.

    Blessings to you dear friend in Scotland!


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