Saturday's Fank

On Saturday, my niece had her 7th birthday.

Her Mum - my sister - was taking her and some cousins and friends ten-pin bowling, but the Wee Guy worked at the sheep with Big Brother all day. 

All. Day. 

So, while this wee girl readied herself for blowing out her candles...

(are you seeing her ear? That was her present, and boy, was she chuffed!)

...the Wee Guy spent his day here.

Here he is with Big Brother, discussing the day's strategy.

Or maybe, it was what they had for breakfast they were comparing. Apart from sheep, and the merits of Border Collies, food is one of their favourite subjects.

There they are in the middle of the photo, ready for the opening of gates for their own sheep.

The Wee Guy would say, 'Yours', and BB would duly open his gate to let another of his sheep in.



And in it comes.

This was the first time I'd seen this happening, and by the time I'd spent my morning a few minutes there, I reckoned I could have done it myself.

Of course, I didn't offer. I didn't want to show them up.

Ahem. Moving on...

The sheep get moved up here, over there, into here, out of there, and down through here.

Did you get that?

Good, cos I haven't a clue.

Until, just before I left, I realised they were coming down the passage and the different owners opened their own gates to allow their own in.

I had always wondered how on earth they took all the sheep from the machair into the fank, and were able to doze their own, pedicure their own, and separate them into their own fields if that's what they were wanting to do.

Now I know!

And now to a selection of some of the sheep.

They must be twins.

'Oi, are you girls twins?'

"Ignore her. Just turn away, and she'll leave us alone."

So I did.

Remember Jenny Miracle. Here she is in all her splendour.

I don't know what these are, but their white faces and colourful markings make them look like ready-made jumpers. (Er, 'jumper' is a sweater to you guys over The Pond)

Aren't these guys lookers?

Now, wait til I see if I get this right? I reckon they are Blue-faced Leicester on Cheviots.

'A Chairstiona - am I right?'

She's not answering me, but I'll correct it later if I'm wrong. Not that, when it comes to sheep, I'm likely to be wrong, of course. I mean, I knew what they were anyway. I didn't need their owner to be standing beside me on Saturday telling me. 

Yes, well, moving on...

Coming towards the end of the sorting...

...and the last lot are being guided (for 'guided', read 'scrambled') up through this gate, where they will hang around in the waiting room until it's their turn.

Boy! I could do this myself the next time. 

Yeah. Wot-evah


  1. Very interesting. I have to confess, I watch "lambing live" on iplayer...find it fascinating. Are the coloured dots to do with how many lambs they had, or are they not old enough to have done that yet? I know that's what they do to indicate it! The machair is beautiful....I remember it well. :-)

  2. So, these are the lambs born last spring...and their mothers? The lambs are so grown up now - look really good! Thanks for the seminar!

  3. Those are nice looking sheep. I love the "twins". The Leicesters are a relatively new breed here in the States just having come in the early '80's by way of Canada. Nice wool.
    I like how their ears stand up, makes them look like they are on high alert. :-)

  4. I love all the time Wee Guy spends with Big Brother - it's so sweet!!!
    Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. :)

  5. I wish every boy had the chance to do what the "Wee Guy" is doing - I mean working with his father and uncles and loving it. And growing up amongst MEN, and having a schooling based on real life, the wonders, the work, the appreciation. Oh, it's wonderful to see.

  6. I must admit that I had no clue what a fank was and was curious to find out. :)

    I love the different looks to all the sheep but I find that darling black one to be the sweetest thing ever. I long to rub its sweet muzzle.

  7. Wow! So interesting! Loved the photos!

  8. We get our new sheep soon. They come with their own guard llama! The colors on the sheep in that one picture make them look like they survived the sixties! Psychedelic sheep! Maybe tie dyed! Wot-evah!

  9. They really are "lookers." I find a happy sheep (or cow) such a pleasant thing to behold.

  10. oh, they are so cute!!!!! happy birthday to your niece :)

  11. Wow have never seen so many sheep. They are pretty cute...the colour coding?? what is that?

  12. Happy Birthday to the "wee girl". The "wee guy" must be a great help to the BB. I can see just by looking at him. Love the look of the "Blue Faced Leicesters" did I get that right? Not sure. They are all wonderful to look at though, especially BB's sheep; the best to be sure.
    Much Love,

  13. Wow, what a beautiful farm you have...and those photos...breathtaking.

    So glad I stopped by.


  14. They have the look of Cheviots to me, not that I'm any expert but I do love Cheviot fleece!
    Just don't tell my Shetlands -smile-.


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