The Day we Can Never Forget

It's coming close to that day again.

September 11th


Nobody can hear that date and not think of the awful scenes we witnessed (most of us on television screens) that day.

And surely we can all say we remember exactly where we were when we heard of the events.

I was in London, Ontario, on holiday with my Mum, visiting an elderly relative. We went to see an estate of newly built homes, just for the fun of seeing a Canadian home. I'll never forget that moment when we walked in and the lady at reception was weeping and saying, 'Something awful is happening in America. Something awful'. 

I felt so near and yet so far. I longed to be just across the border. I wanted to be on American soil. I don't know why, and I certainly wouldn't have been of any use to anyone, but I still wanted to be there. I wanted to hold hands, figuratively, with the Americans, and tell them we loved them. I loved them. And prayed for them.

Today, we're almost ten years on from That Day.... the day that changed the world in so many ways. 

For many of us, we remember the events when we see photos, or when we hear the date. We are transported to that time and place when the devastation of the day is in the news, or spoken of on the radio.

But for others, the reality of that day lives with them ever single day. Those who lost loved ones can never, ever forget the day that changed their lives. Others have served in Iraq or in Afghanistan as a direct result of that day. Many have sons and husbands in the military, and they live with the consequences of that day every hour of every day. 

To all of them, we wish to say that we have not forgotten. We still weep when we are reminded of the firemen who lost their lives doing their job in the Twin Towers. We still grieve over those who were on the flights, who had a time of terror before they lost their lives. And we still mourn over those who were at their desks, or at other places of work, just like any other day, and whose lives were cut short by the wickedness of others.

We will not forget.


  1. Thank you for this post. We will never forget.
    A few years back, I visited the Rememberance Garden at Lockerbie. Again, we will never forget.
    Blessings to you.

  2. yes, i remember right where i was...stood looking at the TV with my mouth wide open for a few minutes.

  3. We will always remember! Thanks for the post.

  4. Very thoughtful, touching post...thank you. I was a TV reporter in Tampa, Florida at the time and, as you probably recall, President Bush was here in Sarasota reading to school children. I have some incredibly vivid memories from that day. It's difficult to believe it's almost been 10 years. God bless America.

  5. Yes, I remember where I was on that day. We were visiting my Dad in Phoenix. I can remember him waking me to tell me what happened. We also stood with our mouths wide open for what seemed like hours, watching off and on through the day It was so hard to believe... and still is really. I does not seem as if 10 years has gone by. It still stirs the heart doesn't it? Thank you for the post .
    Blessings, Anne,
    Oh, I noticed it is "Guga time" again.... had fun re-reading that one.
    Love ya,

  6. It was too shocking to cry when it happened. But in the days following, on TV they showed a Changing of the Guard. The commentator said the Queen had personally instructed the band to play "The Star Spangled Banner." - As the Guard came to attention and our National Anthem played, the camera fixed on a woman carrying a tiny American flag and weeping silently. HM's thoughtfulness, and that tiny flag in a country so far away, finally broke loose the sobs that needed to come with grieving.

  7. No...we will never forget.
    Thank you for this post.

  8. What a sweet and kind post. What I remember most about that day...being pregnant, worrying about my husband who was flying that day with the AF and the quiet. Eerie quiet. I lived close to the AF base in Las Vegas and was used to the constant noise of planes. That day and for a few days after, nothing. Another memory (of what I read in the days that followed) is of a mom, her little daughter and the mom's best friend. The mom and her daughter were on one plane heading to CA and her best friend was on another plane to CA (the friend had used frequent flier points so that is why she was on a different flight). Both planes were the ones that hit the 2 towers. What are the terrible chances of that happening. Just horrible.

  9. As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I can say nothing except, thank you,thank you, dear sister in Christ.

  10. I went to a Ladies Bible Study that morning. We all tucked our preschoolers in their classes and went to our meeting only to have the leader make the announcement. And then we prayed... and cried... and took our babies home to pray and cry some more. I will never forget it. I will always be thankful I was surrounded with sisters in Christ when I heard the news. I'm glad to know that you were one of them in that moment even though we were half a world away.

  11. It was night here in Australia and I was up late reading but with the TV still on. When it came on I woke my husband and we watched it through the night and most of the next day, it is something that we will never forget!
    God Bless


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