Of Swords and Knights....and Mum's Old Age

Calum: Mum, when you were young, did everyone have swords?

Mum: Nooooo.

Calum: Well, did anyone have swords?

Mum: Nooooo.

Calum: Well, did you see swords when you were young?

Girls: Calum! What age do you think Mum is?

Calum: Well, did people have sword fights?

Mum (thinking a change of tack was called for): Oh yes. Dad was actually a knight.

Calum: Really?! Wow!

Mum: Yes, I was the prize for his final joust.

Girls: He had the choice of a cuddly teddy, or.....or....Mum! 

Calum: And he chose you? Wow.


Calum: Was he really a knight?

Here's the Builder in a previous life.

Can't you see why I fell in love with him? 

No need to choke on your tea, folks.

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