Mr John Wayne

I took a couple of photos of John Wayne, aptly named by Amber in a previous post, this morning.

Mr Wayne to you, guys. And to me.

I am seriously impressed with this guy.

Before I took the camera out, he was standing with all his subjects around him.

King Wayne and his subjects
His subjects are a bit skitterish, but not Mr Wayne.

He stands proud.

As some of the others...by the way, in case you were all wanting to know - after all, I know your Saturday wouldn't be complete without knowing for sure... the 'subjects' are ram lambs. Tups, so called.

I know this to be true cos I asked Big Brother. You know how I'm liable get these things wrong.

The wee guys aspire to being just like Mr Wayne one day.

Mr Wayne didn't seem to mind how close I got.

I am so impressed.

I'll tell you, if I was a sheep, I wouldn't be happy with any of the other rams that 'll be, er, that 'll be... let loose in the next couple of months. I'd tell the others to clear off. 'I've seen Mr Wayne, and I'm settling for nothing less'.

He's gonna be one busy guy.


  1. Great name! I was actually thinking about this today and wondering what you would name him. Good job.

  2. Ha ha Anne, I think I would have to agree with you. Mr. Wayne is top notch. Any of his subjects would feel safe in his presence, awed by his demeanor and compelled to want to be just like him if they were a tup; and I'm sure the yews (how do you spell that?) would be enthralled with him.
    Much love,

  3. I like the 'Mr' bit of his name!

  4. Great name for your guy. We watched "McClintock" last week for the first time ever, so yes I can see John Wayne being a very fitting name for him. Quite tough and knows how to keep the ladies in line!


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