New Ram - A Name!

Ok guys. Here's the deal. 

I asked Big Brother when he was in for his dinner a short while ago, 'Oh, what's the ram's name?'

'His name?', he grunted

'Yes', (I say cheerfully). 'He's a good-looking guy - deserves a name'

Obligatory rolling of the eyes. 

Obligatory look that says I need to go find some city (or at least town) to live it... that the croft is no place for someone like me....

'No. He doesn't have a name. He wont be getting a name. He's a ram.'

Me and Kids: 'We'll find something'.....!

I love winding this guy up, but I still reckon a good masculine name in necessary. So what do y'all reckon? What suits our New Kid on the Block?

And remember. He's mean. He's tough. He's in Lewis. So nothing fancy, thank you very much.

Name That Ram!


  1. Ooohhh errrrr I'm not good with names, can't even come up with one for my own child so it might burst my brain to also think of a name for a sheep.... ;o)

  2. Ronnie the Ram? Roddy the ram? Rocky the Ram? These were from my seven year old.

    Or, as suggested by my 10 year old, Ramases?

    Hahahaha, got to laugh!

  3. Amber: I think we'll go with this. Good, manly image, don't you think!
    No Place Like Home: read this slowly.... This.Is.A.Ram. NOT A SHEEP!!!!
    Kirsteen: I do hate to disappoint the boys :(
    but I reckon I'll go with the first name that came in.
    Mind you, I haven't told Big Brother yet, so watch this space.
    Ta to you all
    A x

  4. Oh, I forgot to say.... I got a suggestion offline too: Cary Grant....given what he's going to be up to over the next wee while!

  5. What is the difference again..... ;o)

  6. Christine Macleod - 'Sunny Braighe'23 November 2011 at 22:01

    Calum says:

    Habost Headbanger for the ram. He looks nice, but not nicer than me. How kind of him.


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